Contact Avid Energy

0843 903 3121

This is an unofficial number we are not associated with Avid Energy. Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. This is a call connection service, you can also contact Avid Energy for free on 0808 284 0323, or find help by visiting their website here.

Avid Energy Contact Number – 0808 284 0323

If you’re looking to enquire about your current tariff, signing up for a Pay As You Go plan or wish to make a complaint then utilise the Avid Energy phone numbers that we have listed here. Getting in contact with businesses shouldn’t be as complex as it’s often made- but that’s where we step in and take away the middleman.

We unravel their important numbers and provide them here; all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Rather than calling left, right and centre you can speak to them directly with the customer service number that we have provided.

Although they have lots of information listed on their website they also have a team ready to answer your questions on the other end of the line. Don’t hesitate to contact them with your query. Here at Diverse Energy we enable you to call the number you need. We are not associated with them and we act as an independent call-forwarding service to merely assist you and eliminate much of the nonsense that comes with finding the phone numbers that you need.

Avid Energy attempts to make your life simple with their smart technology and easy-to-understand tariffs whilst we enhance this with our easy to find numbers. Our team work tirelessly to round up all of the phone numbers that you need, helping you avoid being put on hold.

About Avid Energy

They attempt to remove all of the hassle and this UK customer even have their call centre based in the country. Avid Energy is a specific type of Energy Company that will certainly appeal to a particular market. They boast an easy to manage plan that eliminates reading complicated bills, eradicates meter readings and ensures that you stay out of debt. It works as a Pay As You Go company with a prepayment meter that makes sure that you only spend what you use.

If you’re sick of energy bills, meter readings and other complications that are generally attached then you are the exact customer, Avid are looking for. They have a £5 welcome gift, £10 emergency credit and an app that ensures you can monitor all of your energy activity.

Reasons to Call

There are plenty of reasons to contact Avid Energy and even though they have an array of useful detail on their website you can call them for more information.

The most common reasons for calling includes:

  • Switching to Avid Energy
  • Enquire about tariffs
  • More on Pay As You Go
  • To make a complaint
  • Cancel your account
  • About energy sources and fuel mix
  • Repairs or replacements
  • Technical support

You’re not limited to the above reasons, you can get in touch with absolutely any query that you have.

Avid Energy Customer Services – 0808 284 0323

The Avid Energy customer services consists of trained experts who are available to answer all of your questions about the company, tariffs and more but if you can find another number that links you directly to the department that you require then you should call that

Although they aren’t anywhere near the size as some of the gigantic companies in the industry they still receive a high volume of calls and that’s why they departmentalise their call centre. This then enables them to share expertise in specific areas and deal with your query swiftly.

DepartmentsAvid Energy Phone NumberOpening Times
General Enquires 0808 284 0323 Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm Sat & Sun 9am - 7pm
National Gas Helpline 0800 111 999 24 Hours / 7 Days

Join Avid Energy

Call the Avid Energy Contact Numbe r on 0843 903 3121A reason why many callers on the line, and fortunately they have a team dedicated to this. You can switch energy with ease- just call up their number and tell them about your interest to join this provider. They will then talk you through the process, quotes and help you make the switchover. Calling our specific phone number means you don’t need to wait on hold or call other companies and wait to be put through.

Technical Support

If you’re seeking support for a technical issue then you should give them a call and speak to an advisor. They can assist you with their mobile app, your meter or other issues you may be experiencing. It’s always easier to deal with an issue of this kind with direct contact such as a telephone call.


If you are unhappy with part of the service then you should get in touch with their complaints department. Call the complaints phone number and let them know why you are unsatisfied. We give you more details on how to make an official complaint further down.

General Enquiries

You can make your general enquiry with the customer service team, their front of desk staff will help you with anything that you need and they also have the ability to put you through to the department that you need.

How to Complain

Although all companies try their utmost to impress their entire customer base- it’s vital that they have a system in place for complaints. Avid is no different, the small company has a large number of clients and they seem to be growing at a rapid rate thus why they have a complaints line. Their team are well-versed in the procedure and will attempt to make amends immediately.

Complaining isn’t something that most of us enjoy and that’s why we lay down the steps and help you with your complaint.

  1. Firstly you should note down what you wish to complain about, what resolution you expect and keep the pen and pad handy so that you can write down your reference number.
  2. Phone their complaints number and let them know about the pressing matter, tell them what you’re unhappy with and how they can rectify it today.
  3. If they’re unable to resolve the problem, log an official complaint and await further contact.
  4. If it’s not dealt with appropriately you can escalate matters by putting it all in writing and sending it to their headquarters.
  5. You can speak to the ombudsman and they will help you take matters further with your complaint.

How to Switch Energy

Switching is often thought to be a complicated action but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Typically it’s a process that can be done over the phone with one company.

If you are looking to switch to Avid Energy then you can enquire about their tariffs over the phone, get a quote and then decide whether you’d like to make the change. You don’t have to decide on the spot but if you do choose to switch energy then they will take care of it. You won’t have to contact your old provider, they simply make the switch and notify your current supplier. You will then have to wait around 17 days until it’s completed this includes the 14-day Cooling Period.

Download the Avid Energy App

We’re in a new generation with smart meters now giving us more control on how much we use and also lots of devices and apps helping us connect to our smart home. You can download the Avid Energy app to make an instant payment, to monitor your usage and more. If you’re unsure on how it works then simply call them and a representative will talk you through the process. You can download this app on your Android or IOS phone with ease.

Android users can download the app here

Apple users can download the app here.

Screenshot of Avid Energy App


We have searched for the most common questions so you don’t have to- although the phone is the best tool to get our answers, you may have everything you need below.

What is a Pre Paid Service?

This company function on this basis with tariffs that only provide prepayment meters. This means that you only use what you pay for, you top up your account and you can then use that amount of energy. If you run out without realising, you can utilise the £10 emergency credit available. Pre paid services are great to monitor your costs and to ensure you do not rack up a debt.

Who are Diverse Energy?

We are an independent call company that decipher through all the information you need and provide the phone numbers for essential energy departments. We are not connect to Avid, we merely try to improve the customer experience.

Best Way to Join?

There’s lots of information available online and you can also leave your details but it will all be dealt with via a call. The best way to join is to phone them today and declare your interest.

What Number to Use?

If you’re joining, then call the main telephone number. The main number will be able to answer any of your queries. You can find all the numbers here and if unsure then contact the customer services they will put you through to the person that you need for your query.

How to Complain?

We’ve compiled a list of steps above that help you with your complaint. You should phone to let them know any of your problems or you can write to them. Follow the above steps when making your thoughts known.

Contacting Avid Energy

Call the Avid Energy helpline on 0808 284 0323, or see above for alternative numbers.

You can also write to the team in further detail via the following address below:

Avid Energy Limited

Maple House

High Street

Potters Bar



Avid Energy on Social Media

Avid Energy Facebook

Avid Energy Twitter

Avid Energy Instagram

Avid Energy YouTube

Contact Future Energy

0843 903 3116

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. This is a call forwarding service provided by, we are not affiliated with Future Energy. We provide a Future Energy Contact Number that will get you through to the Future customer service team as quickly as possible.

Future Energy Contact Number – 0800 158 5451

Finding the right Future Energy contact number can be difficult if you are looking to get in touch with a specific department – which is why we have gone to the effort of narrowing down all the information you need to know on the supplier and how to get in touch with them. The quickest and easiest way to get in touch is to call the Future Energy phone number on 0843 903 3116, lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm.

Whether you are signing up for a new supply or are already with the firm for your gas and/or electricity, getting through to the right people is easier than you might think.  Take a look at our guide to Future Energy services below, along with a guide to contact information you will likely find useful throughout your discussions with the supplier.

Future Energy in Brief

Future Energy is a relatively small energy provider offering gas and electricity to households throughout the North East.  Based in Newcastle, the firm began trading in response to rising energy prices in the region, much of which was causing busy families to fall into debt with the bigger names in energy provision. 

Future Energy reviews back up the supplier’s claims to offer transparent pricing, easy account management and efficient, affordable electricity and gas.  While the firm may offer a focused service on Newcastle and the North East, there is nothing to say that the supplier won’t expand in years to come should interest spike.

Call the Future Energy Phone Number on 0843 903 3116

Future Energy Tariffs

One call to the Future Energy contact number on 0843 903 3116 will put you in touch with a member of the company’s registration team as well as their main switchboard, where you’ll be able to jump through to any department you wish to get in touch with.  We have more information on this below – but one of the main reasons why people contact Future Energy at all is that they want to know more about the prices they could be paying for gas and electricity. 

Therefore, the supplier has gone to some length in establishing these rates online before you need to make a call to their helpline service.

The supplier provides both fixed and variable tariffs, meaning that you can take out dual fuel or either gas or electricity as you desire.  Both variations are available for you to view in more detail via the Future Energy website, as is a nice breakdown of what exactly goes into their energy mix. 

It’s also good to see all of the pricing and charge sup front before you get started – along with a guide to how much they charge per kilowatt hour.

Call the Future Energy Contact Number today on 0843 903 6113

Switching to Future Energy

Switching energy suppliers has been simplified massively over the past few years – and Future Energy, too, have made things extremely simple for prospective new customers to get involved with their open and affordable pricing.  As stated on the main website, the process really is a three-stage affair:

  1. Call the Future Energy helpline on 0800 158 5451 and speak to a member of the new connections team.  They will take a few details from you and will register you on a tariff that suits your needs and usage best.
  2. From here, a meter reading will be required – from the date and time you wish to start with the supplier or the crossover date of cancellation from your existing supplier.  This will enable the firm to start charging you precisely for the energy you use, and not a penny more.
  3. Once a representative has fitted you with a smart meter, you can sit back and relax – your work is done!  You may have already discussed cancelling your supply with your current provider – in which case you should expect a final bill from them, and a letter welcoming you to Future Energy in the meantime.

Smart Meters

Future Energy are proud to be keen providers of smart meters for homes, which are widely used to help households prepare for billing and to ensure that they have enough funds to cover their energy usage.  Smart meters are provided to help resolve the majority of billing enquiries that may otherwise be fielded by the firm’s contact centre – not only do they give you a breakdown of how much energy you are using and how much you can expect to pay, your data will be directly forwarded to the supplier – meaning that awkward meter readings of the past can now be banished to where they belong!

Smart meters effectively give more power to you as an energy user – but if you do still need support from a member of the team, you can call the Future Energy contact number to get dedicated advice on any areas you may have concerns with.

Fair Pricing

Future Energy advise that they stand by ‘fair pricing’ which is actively compared with the best rates on the market – and that they actively review their fees and rates to ensure that they are consistently providing customers in the North East with the best possible deals around on gas and electricity provision. 

Further to this, the supplier is proud to be able to offer rates and fees in a detailed tariff guide – which you can read online before you make the decision whether or not to switch over.  Future Energy prices are available both online and in paper form – all you have to do is make a request to learn more.

How to Get in Touch with Future Energy

The best way to get in touch with the supplier is to call the Future Energy telephone number on 0843 903 3116 – or you can use the website’s email form pop-up to send a written message to a member of staff so that they can call or write back to you – unless, of course, their live chat facility is available! 

You can also email [email protected], or you can write to the supplier via postal address – which we will detail for you later on down the page. 

Future Energy Telephone Number – 0800 158 5451

Getting through to the right team via the Future Energy helpline is relatively simple thanks to their smart switchboard system and their dedicated contact centre.

Here at Diverse energy we’ve made it even easier for you to get in touch with the team you need to reach without having to hang on the line or without having to wait to hear back about a query you may have made in writing. 

Take a closer look at our Future Energy contact number guide for a breakdown – but if all else fails, you can always contact the supplier online or via the main switchboard through the Future Energy telephone number widely provided 0843 903 3116 .

Alternative Future Energy Phone Numbers

If you struggle to get through on the above number you can also try the below.

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Hours
Main Future Energy Contact Number 0800 158 5451 Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm Saturday 9am - 1pm
National Gas Helpline 0800 111 999 24 hours, 7 days
National Electricity Helpline 0800 668 877 24 hours, 7 days

Future Energy Customer Service Departments

Despite being a fairly small firm and a close-knit business, the supplier does operate on a number of different levels.  For example, you may wish to find the Future Energy telephone number for billing support, for registrations, for physical assistance, for registering a vulnerable customer, or for making complaints. 

The team is available to assist you with a wide range of queries at their Newcastle contact centre, where the company is based.  The majority of queries regarding signing up and getting started with a Future Energy supply can be found via the main website – but more detailed concerns can always be handled by Future Energy advisers via telephone should you need to speak to someone.

Meter Readings

Future Energy services are set up to ensure that the awkward meter reading process of old is replaced largely by a smart meter system – which is completely free and takes away the middleman hassle of having to either arrange for a meter reader to visit, or to supply your own readings. 

The smart meter system supplied by Future Energy works completely on its own, offering you a constant look at how much you are spending so that your bills don’t come as a big shock when they arrive each quarter.  Future Energy advisors can also be on hand via the helpline to ensure that you are fully up to speed with all of your tariff demands and your payments – and so that you never face disruption to your essential home supply.

Important Contact Details for Future Energy

Future Energy are one of many suppliers who can now be actively contacted live through online chat via their website – and you can also email the team via [email protected].  What’s more, the Future Energy phone number, 0843 903 3116 will put you in touch with members of each specific team and you’ll be able to easily find the answers to your concerns with just a few minutes on the phone. 

The supplier actively combats queuing by providing smart meters which answer much of the billing side of matters for you – so you won’t have to hang on the phone for long periods.

If you would like to write to the supplier directly instead – should you wish to escalate a complaint or otherwise – it’s best to get in touch with Future Energy via their Newcastle office postal address as follows:

Future Energy

13 Hoults Yard

Walker Road

Newcastle Upon Tyne


You can also visit their website:

Contact Octopus Energy

0843 903 3117

This is an unofficial number we are not associated with Octopus Energy. Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. This is a call connection service, you can also contact Octopus Energy for free on 0808 164 1088, or find help by visiting their website here.

Octopus Energy Contact Number – 0808 164 1088 

When it comes to finding the right team or specialist to talk to at Octopus Energy, you’ll need to find a contact number that will obviously cut out the middlemen – a number which will get you in touch with someone who can directly help with your specific question or concern without hassle. 

We’ve taken the time to hunt down the essential ways to get in touch with Octopus Energy – and we’ve provided Octopus Energy contact number information along with email contacts and more to ensure you get yourself connected to the right area when you need support. 

The supplier may not be the biggest energy brand on the block, but what they do offer is plenty of interesting options when it comes to renewable power, and a refreshing slant on open tariffs and a fantastic customer care record.  If you’re looking to join the supplier, read on for more information and numbers.

You can call the above number Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm, unfortunately they are closed at weekends however you might be able to reach them via social media.

Who are Octopus Energy?

Octopus Energy is a London-based firm which is proud to call itself the largest investor in solar farm technology in the UK.  This means that they are focused completely on generating and providing clean, renewable energy wherever possible – further claiming that they alone provide for up to 40% of the country’s ‘large scale’ solar power. 

In addition to this, they’ve made movements to harness the power of natural plant breakdown and wind turbines to ensure that they are making the most of renewable sources around us to power homes up and down the country. 

While most customers may be more concerned about getting hold of the right Octopus Energy contact number to speak to a relevant member of staff, it remains to be said that many more people will likely be interested in signing up for energy with a firm that is focused on a renewable energy strategy.  This is largely what appeals to Octopus Energy customers – as well as competitively simple energy switching and tariffs.

Call the Octopus Energy Contact Number on 0843 903 3117

Is It Easy to Switch to Octopus Energy?

The firm prides itself not only on its approach to supplying energy which is considered renewable – but also on its open approach to switching and energy sign-up, which is simple and easy to do by calling the Octopus Energy phone number 0808 164 1088. 

The company actively provides energy tariffs which avoid lock-in requests and any hassle with existing suppliers – meaning that it is more often than not a viable choice for many homeowners looking for a straightforward approach to energy supply without all of the red tape. 

You can easily make the switch to Octopus Energy via the main website – they state it takes very little time to get started – but we’ve also rounded up Octopus Energy phone number contacts for you to speak to a member of the team if direct contact is more to your preference.

While switching from supplier to supplier has been made significantly more easy over the years, there is still some paperwork and physical untangling that can take place in some circumstances.  Therefore, it’s to the supplier’s credit that Octopus Energy tariff switching is so readily available and simple to do.

What Sets Octopus Energy Apart From Other Suppliers?

Octopus Energy tariffs are designed and laid out to assure customers that there are no exit fees or tied contracts – meaning that anyone looking for a freer, easier deal will likely find the supplier’s range of pricing deals somewhat attractive. 

The main site has plenty of information on various tariffs and deals available, but you can always call the Octopus Energy contact number on 0808 164 1088 should you wish to speak to a member of the team directly at your convenience. 

It is also a good idea to do your research – and to see who else is offering similar deals – but the firm is one of the front-runners when it comes to renewable energy and attractive, non-committal energy transfer.  These points alone are likely to make Octopus Energy seem more preferential to bigger names on the block. 

However, as always, doing your research is worthwhile to make sure you get the best deal.  Octopus Energy contact staff will be able to guide you through various terms and conditions as well as all of their best deals to help you find the perfect fit.

Call the Octopus Energy Phone Number on 0843 903 3117 today

How Can I Get in Touch With Octopus Energy?

Octopus Energy makes it easy for you to get in touch with the supplier and their team at any time – you can either call them directly through the Octopus Energy number on 0843 903 3117, if you prefer to write or email you can also get in touch via the below. It’s always good to have a few options open to you – meaning that you can either call the team or speak to them in writing as you see fit.

Octopus Energy email address –  [email protected] 

Octopus Energy Facebook page – 

Using the Right Octopus Energy Phone Number – 0808 164 1088 

The main Octopus Energy telephone number will direct you through to the main contact centre – though the supplier is keen to encourage online enquiries wherever possible.  This is nothing new as websites outside of the energy supply industry are also keen to drive help online as much as they can.  However, sometimes nothing quite beats a good chat person-to-person and the Octopus Energy helpline is thankfully easy enough to hunt down and to get through to. 

The firm in fact makes a point of advising that they aim to help their customers avoid having to wait in long queues to speak to someone – again, a refreshing slant which will doubtless appeal to the right people. If you struggle to get through on the number we have provided 0843 903 3117 you can try one of the below.

CompanyContact NumberOpening Times
Octopus Energy Main Number 0808 164 1088 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

Octopus Energy Tariffs

The supplier is keen to present a wide range of different themed deals and options to fit all household budgets.  They have green options, fixed rates and more besides – you only have to visit their main site and tariff page to learn more.  Enter in your postcode to see which deals cover your area – and you could stand to transfer your energy supply over within minutes alone. 

The company prides itself on offering flexible, non-committal packages which will no doubt appeal to those householders avoiding long-term commitments. If you are confused by any of the tariffs, it is important that you call Octopus Energy for further support – as the team can be with you via phone as well as online.

Whether your focus is on going green or remaining flexible, the supplier intends to make picking the right package a doddle. The website is crammed full of useful information, but it is also handy to keep the contact number for the firm to hand in case you need to speak to an adviser directly. 

Don’t forget, you can also put a request in writing via email, or you can chat live online with an adviser through Facebook Messenger. Plenty of routes to finding you the perfect tariff.

Octopus Energy Telephone Number – 0808 164 1088 

The main Octopus Energy telephone number – 0808 164 1088  will connect you to the supplier’s switchboard, which will in turn allow you to get through to a specialist in the department or division you are concerned with.  We’ve done our utmost to track down the best phone numbers for the firm to allow you speedy access to the staff you need to speak to the most. 

Whether you need help with Octopus Energy rates, are paying a bill or would like to know more about transferring your supply, you will be able to find out all the information you need from the helpline team if you are having little joy online. 

The firm seems to go for a customers-first attitude – one which will doubtless serve them well.  Renewable energy isn’t expensive and the range of tariffs here will allow most households to find a good deal that they won’t be tied into.

What Do Customers Say?

Customer feedback is extremely important to this energy supplier, and as such they lead with as many reviews on their main website as possible.  They currently offer up an impressive 5 star rating for customer service alone on TrustPilot, where they currently score an ‘excellent’ rating of 9.7 out of 10 from over 1,100 reviews. 

These are numbers that are highly impressive – ones which will likely do the business for those considering making the leap from a bigger supplier to one with a focus on renewable energy.

Contact Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy make it easy for customers new and existing to join them – whether they are more focused on renewable energy or if they simple want more control over their expenditure. 

Call the main Octopus Energy phone number on 0808 164 1088 or email [email protected] if you would prefer to put in a request in writing.  You can also contact their main offices in writing, though they do recommend that you either get in touch through the website, via email or Facebook messenger, ahead of other options.  The main postal address for the firm is as follows:

Octopus Energy

20-24 Broadwick Street




Contact OVO Energy

0843 509 2506

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. Diverse-Energy are an energy directory company who provide a call forwarding service that will connect you directly to the energy provider you are trying to reach, we are not affiliated with OVO energy. 

Ovo Energy Phone Number – 0800 599 9440

If you need to speak with a customer service adviser regarding your account you can call the Ovo energy contact number on 0843 509 2506. Lines are open Monday to Thursday 08:00am to 20:00pm, Friday 08:00am to 18:00pm and Saturdays 09:00 to 17:00pm.

If you prefer to write you can send any documentation to the below postal address:

1 Rivergate

Temple Quay



Call the Ovo Telephone Number on 0843 509 2506

Alternative Ovo Energy Contact Number

DepartmentOvo telephone NumberOpening Times
General Enquiries 0843 506 2506 Monday to Thursday 08:00 - 20:00 Fri 08:00 - 18:00 Sat 09:00 - 17:00
Ovo Pay Monthly 0800 5999 440 or 01179 303 100 Monday to Thursday 08:00 - 20:00 Fri 08:00 - 18:00 Sat 09:00 - 17:00
Ovo Pre Payment 0800 358 3523 or 01173 701 041 Monday to Thursday 08:00 - 20:00 Fri 08:00 - 18:00 Sat 09:00 - 17:00
Switch to Ovo Energy 08004 086 610 or 0843 506 2506 Monday to Thursday 08:00 - 20:00 Fri 08:00 - 18:00 Sat 09:00 - 17:00

Contact Ovo Energy on Social Media

If you prefer to write you can email [email protected] or [email protected] if you are a pay as you go customer

Luckily for Ovo Energy customers they have a great presence online, you can get in touch with the customer service team on Facebook , Twitter or Google Plus.

For information on any jobs available at Ovo Energy you can also visit their LinkedIn Page.

You can also keep upto date with the latest offers and tariffs via their YouTube channel:

About Ovo Energy

Ovo Energy is the brainchild of Stephen Fitzpatrick, a Belfast native and entrepreneur who, after graduating with a Masters Degree in Finance from the University of Edinburgh moved to London where he worked in The City as a senior VP at JP Morgan. While at JP Morgan Fitzpatrick saved money to start what would become Ovo Energy.

Ovo is one of 15 smaller energy suppliers in the UK who compete with the ‘Big Six’ for market share. Ovo sources its energy products from a variety of suppliers and then resells them to its approximately 680,000 customers.

Ovo has been growing exponentially since its inception which is good for Ovo but not so good for customers who switched over from another supplier and now find themselves needing answers from Ovo Energy technical support.

If you’ve ever had a question or complaint and gone to their website in search of an Ovo telephone number you know it can be a confusing experience. You can bypass the online maze however by simply using the number we provide you here at Diverse-Energy. That number 0843 509 2506 will allow you to get directly through to the Ovo Energy Customer Service team and you will be able to select from a menu the department you require.

Every company needs something that sets it apart from the competition. With Ovo that something is their commitment to providing energy that is obtained largely from renewable sources like wind, hydro, solar and even power gleaned from ocean waves. Their two main tariffs offer varying percentages of renewable energy in the mix which are typically several times higher than you’d get from anyone else.

Ovo Energy Reviews

The focus on environmentally responsible energy has made them a hit with consumers and they’re now among the biggest of the 15 major alternative energy suppliers in the UK and shows little sign of slowing down.

The company pride themselves on providing good customer service and keeping things clear, simple and affordable. If you need to speak with customer service or log an Ovo energy complaint you can call 0843 509 2506 and speak to an agent in their Bristol based call centre.

Ovo Energy have won two awards from uSwitch which is an incredible achievement when competing against the ‘big six’. Winning Best Energy Supplier of the Year 2017 and uSwitch Value for Money 2017 there’s no stopping this company.

Looking at the Ovo energy reviews on TrustPilot its clear why Ovo Energy have been nominated for various UK energy supplier awards, scoring an impressive 8.9 out of 10 the majority of reviews show an average of 5 stars.

Reasons to Contact Ovo Energy Customer Service

The quickest and fastest way to speak to an adviser regarding your account is to call the Ovo Energy customer service number on 0843 509 2506.

Some of the featured questions that can be found under OVO Answers on relate to the below:

  • How do I pay online
  • Why is my direct debit higher than expected?
  • How do you review my direct debit?
  • What is a Feed-in Tariff?
  • What should I do in an emergency?
  • What are MPAN and MPRN numbers on my meter?
  • Why have you opened my account with estimated readings?
  • How do I submit a meter reading?
  • How can I save money on my energy bills?


Contacting the Ovo Energy Call Centre

Ovo Energy customer services are open Monday thru Thursday 8am to 8pm, Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm. Beware though; they receive an enormous number of calls every day due to the speed of their ongoing expansion. So if you’re interested in saving time and money make sure you get in touch with Ovo Energy customer services by dialing 0843 509 2506.

Is There More Than One Way to Contact Ovo Energy?

Ovo, like most large companies, are big fans of contact forms. So you can write to them using one of the several contact forms on their website or you can send them an email. But keep in mind it typically takes a few days to get a reply this way. The Ovo Energy address is:

OVO Energy

1 Rivergate

Temple Quay



Don’t however, expect to hear anything back for at least 1-2 weeks. Of course if you’d like to talk to someone right now and get an answer right now use the number displayed above. It will get you directly through to the Ovo Energy support team.

What are Ovo Energy’s Primary Services?

Ovo Energy is the fastest growing energy supplier in the UK. Starting from virtually nothing and using money their owner saved while working in the city of Bristol. Ovo have embedded themselves UK energy landscape and made a name for itself with its innovative environmentally responsible product offerings.

The electricity Ovo offers its customers is derived from multiple sources. Ovo works with wind farm owners across the country as well as hydroelectric plants, solar arrays and plants that generate electricity through the burning of landfill gases.

Ovo Energy also provide natural gas to their customers which it sources primarily from the national grid. Most of this natural gas originates from North Sea platforms while some comes from gas fields in Norway and on the Continent. A majority of the gas Ovo purchase and resell is in the form of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Is Your Company Affiliated With Ovo Energy Customer Service?

Diverse Energy are an independent company begun with the sole purpose of getting you in touch with the companies that matter quicker and more affordably than ever before.

We are in no way associated with any of the energy providers we write about throughout this website, we simply research and provide information that is found in the public domain. It can sometimes be hard to find a contact number through an energy suppliers website so we do all the hard work for you.

What if I Want to Make an Ovo Energy Complaint?

If you have a problem with any of Ovo Energy’s many products ours is the number to call to log your complaint. If the Ovo Energy complaints adviser who answers the phone is unable to assist, they’ll put you straight through to the right department. No waiting in long queues on the Ovo Energy complaints number.

Can I Use This Number to Report a Power Outage?

Certainly. Ovo always want to know when their customers are inconvenienced for any reason. Keep in mind though that Ovo does not own the power lines or pipes that you receive your energy through so after you report the outage to Ovo you’ll also want to call local authorities and alert them to the situation.

Can I Use This Number to enquire About Ovo Energy Technical Support?

Yes. If you’re having a technical problem with the delivery or use of an energy product from Ovo Energy you should call them on 0843 509 2506 immediately and report the problem. If they can’t solve the problem over the phone they’ll send someone out straight away to have a look.



Contact Npower

0843 509 2526

Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge, this is a call forwarding service provided by Diverse-Energy we are not affiliated with Npower. The Npower contact number we provide 0843 509 2526 will connect you directly through to Npower customer service.

Npower Phone Number – 0800 073 3000

If you need to speak with the Npower customer service team regarding your account, payments, switching to Npower or if you are moving home you can call the Npower contact number on 0843 509 2526. Lines are open Monday to Friday 08:00am to 20:00pm and Saturday 08:00am to 18:00pm. Unfortunately their call centre is closed on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Call the Npower Contact Number on 0843 509 2526

 Alternative Npower Contact Numbers

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Times
General Enquiries0800 073 3000 or 0843 509 2526Monday to Friday 08:00 – 20:00 Saturday 08:00 – 18:00
Npower Bills and Payments0800 073 3000 or 0843 509 2526Monday to Friday 08:00 – 20:00 Saturday 08:00 – 18:00
Submit Meter Readings0330 100 3000 or 0843 509 2526Monday to Friday 08:00 – 20:00 Saturday 08:00 – 18:00
Boilers and Heating0800 980 3650 or 0843 509 2526Monday to Friday 08:00 – 20:00 Saturday 08:00 – 18:00
National Gas Helpline0800 111 99924 Hours, 365 Days

Npower Customer Service – 0800 073 3000

If you prefer to write you can chat to a customer service adviser via the Npower live chat application on their website, live chat is available Monday to Friday 07:00am to 23:00pm, Saturday 08:00am to 20:00pm.

You may want to get in touch with the Npower social media team via Twitter or YouTube.

Npower Email Address

If you have a general enquiry you can email [email protected], to make an Npower complaint you can send an email to [email protected].

About Npower

NPower is one of the Big Six UK energy companies (although they maintain a tenuous hold on that distinction these days) supplying electricity and gas to businesses and homes right across the UK. NPower is a subsidiary of the German firm RWE whose stewardship of the UK business has been called into question by shareholders, customers and some government officials. Criticism generally takes the form of accusations the company has tried to be too many things to too many people with their energy customers often suffering as a result. For example: they ventured into telecoms in 2006 and into plumbing services in 2009 with neither experiment going particularly well and the company identity becoming diluted.

In 2013 NPower sold two of its energy subsidiaries to Utility Warehouse and as a result Utility Warehouse became a major player in the UK energy market while NPower’s market share and influence took a major hit. The company have also come under fire for allegedly deceptive marketing practices and have been cited by the government for a woeful customer service record.

Contact Npower today on 0843 506 2526

Npower Reviews

According to, Npower has come bottom out of 22 energy companies for the sixth year running and has scored a disappointing overall customer score of 41% with an average of 2/5 stars. After being fined £26 million in December 2015 for failing to treat customers fairly, Npower customer service improved from 35% to 41%.

TrustPilot which is an online review community rates Npower customer satisfaction at an overall of 0.5 / 10.

Npower Tariffs

Intelligent Fix October 2018 v2

  • Fixed rates until October 2018
  • Direct debit only
  • Pay monthly or quarterly
  • Only account management
  • £60 early exit fee per fuel
  • 3rd Gen Nest Thermostat

Online Fix January 2018

  • Available for both gas and electricity
  • Direct debit and pay upon receipt of bill
  • Fixed rates until January 2018
  • £20 early exit fee per fuel
  • Online account management

Feel Good Fix August 2018

  • Available for both gas and electricity
  • No early exit fee
  • Direct debit discount
  • Online account management

Standard Variable Tariff

  • Variable rates
  • Payment by direct debit, prepayment
  • Gas or electric or both
  • No early exit fee
  • Pay how you like

Why do people contact Npower?


What are the Npower Call Centre Opening Times?

The NPower customer service call centre is open from 8am to 8pm Monday through Friday and from 8am to 6pm on Saturday. Our Npower contact number will connect you directly through to the Npower customer service team, we would advise calling outside of peak times 9am to 11am and 5pm to 7pm for the quickest answering time.

How much will is cost to call this Npower Telephone Number?

Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. It can often be quite difficult to find the right contact number on an energy providers website, here at Diverse-Energy we have done all the research for you. The number we provide will connect you directly through to Npower.

Can I Use This Number to Make a Complaint to Npower?

Yes you can call 0843 509 2526 or 0800 316 9328 (option 1) to make an Npower complaint or if you prefer to write the Npower complaints email address is [email protected]. The easiest and fastest way to get your voice heard is to call the Npower complaints number via phone and outside peak calling hours.

The Npower complaints procedure is thorough and N power provide many ways to get touch, they provide four formal steps which you can take to ensure your complaint is dealt with efficiently.

Step 1 is to call the above number and select option 1 to speak with the customer service team to try and resolve your issue. Step 2 is to be passed through to the Npower specialist complaints team and you can expect to have your complaint resolved within 28 working days.

If you are still unhappy step 3 involves the specialist complaints team passing your complaint through to the Npower escalated complaints team to be reviewed, you can contact the team directly by calling 0800 316 9328 (option 2)  or you can email [email protected].

If you are still unhappy and have received an Npower final position letter you are entitled to speak with the energy ombudsman services who can be reached on 0330 440 1624.

Will This Number Put Me Through to Technical Support?

Yes. Any technical problems you’re having with any of NPower’s products or services are far better addressed by calling 0843 509 2526 than by trying your luck with the standard NPower technical support number. If the customer care rep who answers the phone is not able to effectively address your issue they’ll put you directly through to someone who can help.

What if I Want to Switch to Another Energy Supplier?

Maybe you’re shopping around for a new supplier and would like to speak to NPower customer service. Maybe you’re one of the thousands of customers who have filed enough NPower complaints and decided it’s just better to move on to another supplier. Maybe you have some minor complaint you’d like to air with NPower customer services. Whatever the case, if you need to speak with someone at NPower for any reason your best way to do so is by calling the number displayed on this page.

Don’t forget to browse our site and pick up any other contact numbers you may need. Feel free to hand them out to your friends and family as well. They’re here for the taking so don’t hesitate and happy calling!

Contact SSE

0843 509 2521

Calls to this number will cost you 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Diverse-energy provide a call forwarding service and supply contact numbers for energy providers in the UK which will get you directly through to the company you are trying to reach. If you need to speak with SSE customer service today you can call the SSE Contact Number above. We are in no way associated with SSE Energy all information on this webpage can be found freely in the public domain.

Call the SSE Contact Number Today – 0345 026 2658

If you need to speak with an SSE customer service adviser you can call the SSE contact number on 0843 509 2521 Monday to Friday between the hours of 08:00am to 20:00pm and 08:00am to 14:00pm on a Saturday. Lines are closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

It can often be difficult to locate a telephone number for SSE on their website without having to click through lots of pages so we have done the hard work for you and provided an SSE energy contact number which you can use to discuss your account, billing, payments, moving home, Pay As You Go or any general enquiries.

Call the SSE Phone Number on 0843 509 2521

About SSE Energy

SSE is an energy company headquartered in Perth, Scotland who are a multifaceted international conglomerates that provide energy products to nearly 9 million customers throughout Great Britain and Ireland. SSE are a big player in the energy industry who also provide energy for tier 2 energy suppliers M&S and Ebico. They are involved with electricity generation, energy distribution, various energy related services, electrical contracting, gas storage, high technology services and much, much more.

The company we know today is the result of the merging of two public sector electricity supply boards: the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board and the Southern Electricity Board, which was created to distribute electricity in the south of England back in 1998. Though both of these companies were privatized in the early 90s it took several more years for them to join forces and become Scottish and Southern Energy or SSE.

Once merged the new company began a voracious acquisition program that saw it purchase energy companies from Wales to Ireland and everywhere in between. As a result of their rapid expansion they are now classed as one of the big six energy providers in the UK and are known to be extremely competitive.

The company is a bit of an anomaly as they not only provide gas and electricity but mobile phone tariffs and broadband services. As such they are one of the most diversified large corporations operating in the UK and make no mistake, they are big. SSE is the UK’s largest generator of renewable energy and its second largest supplier of electricity and gas. Airtricity, Southern Electric, SWALEC, Scottish Hydro and Atlantic Electric and Gas are all owned by SSE. So are Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission and Southern Electric Power Distribution.

SSE also own a controlling interest in other energy related firms, provide industrial, commercial and residential electrical contracting and a plethora of other products and services too numerous to list here. Last year the company had revenues in excess of £31 billion, roughly equivalent to Nokia.

If you need to contact SSE you can get directly through to their customer service team by calling 0843 509 2521. We’ve already done the hard work of thoroughly researching this number so you can be sure it will connect you without delay to SSE customer services. As a result it will save you time navigating through their website.

Call the SSE Contact Number on 0843 509 2521

SSE Energy Reviews

In an annual survey conducted by in October 2015, SSE Energy came 18th out of 22 energy providers in the UK. Their overall customer satisfaction was rated at 5/10 at 52%. If you are thinking of switching to SSE Energy you can also read reviews on Money Supermarket before making a decision.

Alternative SSE Phone Number

Here at Diverse-Energy we have done all the research and hard work for you, 0843 509 2521 will connect you directly through to the SSE support team. You can also call one of the SSE telephone numbers below:

For general enquiries you can call 0345 026 2658 or 0843 509 2521

To give a meter reading via SSE meterline you can call 0345 071 7936 

If you would like to switch to SSE energy you can call 0345 026 7058 or 0843 509 2521

For SSE Pay As You Go queries you can contact SSE on 0345 026 7039

To make an SSE complaint you can call 0345 071 7800 or email [email protected]

If you need to report a gas emergency you can call the National Gas Helpline on 0800 111 999

If you prefer to contact SSE in writing there are contact forms on their help section of the website or you can contact through Facebook or Twitter. You can also send a letter and post it to; PO Box 7506, Perth PH1 3QR.

Reasons to Contact SSE

General reasons to call the SSE contact number generally fall under the below:

  • How do I submit a meter reading?
  • What is a smart meter?
  • Do I have to pay for a smart meter?
  • When will I get a smart meter?
  • How do I make a complaint?
  • How do I switch to SSE?
  • Incorrect billing charges
  • Advice with energy and efficiency
  • What is a Feed-in Tariff?
  • How do I report an emergency


What are the SSE opening hours?

The company’s customer service department is manned Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 20:00 pm and 08:00 am to 14:00 pm on a Saturday. Lines are closed on a Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Can I contact Contact SSE Energy in writing rather than over the phone?

Should you wish to log an SSE complaint or questions through some alternative method you can always use one of the many contact forms on their website. It will typically take them a week or more to respond to you should you choose this method of contact. If you want to contact them the old fashioned way, by jotting down a letter on your best stationery and posting it, you can write to.


Inveralmond House

200 Dunkeld Road

Perth PH1 3AQ

The company however do not guarantee they’ll get back to you within any particular time frame should you contact them in this fashion. The best thing to do if you want to talk to someone in SSE customer service now is to call 0843 509 2521.

Will This Number Work If I Want to Dispute My Bill?

Yes, it’s by far the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with SSE customer services for any reason, including if you need to dispute aspects of your bill.

Who are and What is Their Relationship to SSE? are a energy directory who are passionate about providing up to date information on energy providers in the UK, we do the research so you don’t have to. We research contact numbers for energy suppliers and provide a call forwarding service. We also:

  • Provide expert information on alternative energy sources
  • Provide timely, accurate information on UK companies that offer alternative energy products
  • Offer information on ways to make alternative energy work in your business or personal life

We have no affiliation of any kind with any of the companies we provide information on, we provide a call forwarding service whereby we connect you directly through to SSEenergy. All information on this website can been found freely on the internet.

Contact Co-operative Energy

0843 509 2523

Calls to this number will cost you 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. This is a call connection service, we are not affiliated with Cooperative Energy. If you need to speak with the customer service team you can call the Cooperative Energy Contact Number above.

Cooperative Energy Contact Number – 0843 509 2523

If you’re seeking support from the Co-operative Energy customer service desk then you should call the main telephone number that we’ve listed above. Our team at Diverse Energy have worked hard on unearthing the most valuable numbers for this company in an attempt to make your life easier. Regardless whether you’re already a customer or not- you can speak to their advisors for help and support.

The Co-op is a huge company that utilise their customer-focussed expertise and transfer them to various industries. Mostly known for their supermarket they’ve also been known to venture into insurance, banking, funeral directing and now energy. Much of their focus has been on renewable energies and green sources in order to provide for conscious consumers.

It’s now possible to get in touch with them regarding their renewable source, detail on the company or to join. We’ve managed to list find their phone number and help you get through to the personnel that you require. Although we are not a part of the Co-op we’ve extracted their details and contact information from the public domain in order to help you get through to them as fast as possible without having to endure the long waiting times.

It’s possible to call the Co-op Energy phone number throughout the week between 8am and 8pm or 8am until 4pm on a Saturday. Their lines are closed on a Sunday and other hours can be affected during bank holiday.

Call the Co op Energy Contact Number on 0843 509 2523

About Co-operative Energy

The Co-Operative Energy is a UK energy supplier based in Warwick whose focus on renewable energy sources brought them much praise and attention when they first came on the scene in 2010. At that time they boasted that nearly 70% of their electricity was generated by renewable sources and this made them an instant hit with environmentally conscious consumers. Their aim over the next 3 years is to increase the amount of electricity obtained from renewable sources to 75%.

Today they provide energy to some 250,000 UK customers which continues to grow year on year. Co-op energy pride themselves on being fair and transparent which we have to agree with! Unlike other big energy players in the energy market,  coop energy are entirely run by members which means they don’t have any shareholders so customers get their say in how they want the company run.

They claim that their competitors may offer the cheapest energy tariffs on the market however these are often misleading and prices often increase once a customer has switched. The Cooperative energy promise to treat customers fairly and offer clear, transparent contracts with long term sustainability.

Co-operative Energy Phone Numbers

Our team work hard on finding the exact telephone numbers that you need and provide them right here, finding the contact details that you need is no longer a difficult task thanks to our expert’s hard work. You can call their front desk with general enquiries and they’ll be able to answer you on the spot, they can also put you through to the person that you need.

Due to the high volume of calls, they have separated each phone line and departmentalised their organisation in order to make the whole experience a smooth one. Scroll through the numbers provided here and pick one that most suits your query, this way they’ll be able to deal with your questions quicker.

If you are unsure on what number to call, simply enter the main number we’ve picked out and placed at the top of the page. They have a helpful team that will work hard to plug you into the right board.

DepartmentContact Number
Customer Service 0800 954 0693
Accounts & Billing 0800 954 0693
Moving Home 0800 781 1605
Submit Meter Reading 0800 093 7547

Reasons to Call

There’s no right or wrong reason to get in touch with their phone line, but there are a number of customers calling for the same reason and that’s why they have separated their departments accordingly.

You may want to call the Co-op if:

  • You’re looking to join Co-operative Energy
  • You wish to cancel your plan
  • You wish to change your tariff
  • You want to enquire about their tariffs and plans
  • You have a problem with your boiler
  • You require assistance or technical support
  • You cannot log in to your online account
  • You are unhappy with the service that you’ve received

Calling to Join

If you’re looking to call in regards to switching energy then you can do so by calling the main line. They have an entire team dedicated to your switchover and they make the process as seamless as possible. It’s possible to get information on joining via their website or by giving them a call and expressing your interest.  

If you wish to join them today then you should ring their telephone advisors and start the process, you don’t have to commit right away. You can simply call and request details as well as getting a quote.

What you will need to get a quote:

  • Personal details such as address and post code
  • General energy usage
  • Previous bills
  • Meter readings

If you decide to go ahead, they will begin the protocol and organise the changeover with your previous provider. It usually takes between two and three weeks to be completed. There’s a 14-day cooling period that allows you to back out and remain with your current/previous supplier.

Saving Energy Guide

If you visit their official website you’ll be presented with lots of advice on saving energy. It’s always good to see a provider offering a guide on saving you money and you can utilise their tips and tricks available online. The section is labelled “Reduce Your Bills” and they talk through their warm home discount scheme, a scheme that helps low income households claim money back. You’ll also receive information on how to apply for the eco scheme as well as advice on saving power in more orthodox ways.

How to Complain – 0800 954 0693

When making a complaint you should get a pen and paper ready and note down key things from the call. You’ll want to write down the name of the operator, their resolution and the reference number of the complaint. When you call, they will ask you what your issue is and how they can come up with a solution, so have something in mind beforehand.

You can search this page for a specific complaints number or call the main customer service number. If you’re unhappy with the suggest solution, then you can take the complaint further or escalate it by putting it into writing. It’s also possible to speak to the energy ombudsman for help with issues.

Co-op Energy Fuel Mix 2018

With their focus being on renewable and efficient energy, it attracts the question about their fuel mix. What this reveals, is where they source their energy from, fortunately they are true to their word and get the majority of their energy from renewable sources.

Below we list their entire fuel source:

  • Renewable- 33.95%
  • Gas- 30.13%
  • Coal- 17.41%
  • Nuclear- 11.89%
  • Other- 6.63%

Gas Emergency Phone Number – 080 111 999

If you’re experiencing problems with your gas or electricity then you can call up their experts for help or even call out their specialist engineers. If you feel that it’s an emergency regarding your gas then you should call the 24-7 number at National Grid. Things such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide and anything else you determine to be an emergency should be taken up with 0800 111999.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you avoid an unnecessary phone call we have pieced together some of the common questions and answered them ourselves.

Why Join Co-operative Energy?

The Co-op are experts in a number of fields but many are unsure on how good their energy company is and what they provide, they showcase deals for a number of customers with eco friendly and even tariffs that allow a warm home discount scheme. They focus on renewable energy and have some very low prices. The best way to deem whether they’re a good fit for you and your home, is to ring up their line and ask any questions that you have, rather than trying to sway you they will simply answer all of your queries.

Do Coop do Renewable Energy?

Yes- with them providing the most ethical energy that they can they focus on bringing power to the conscious customers. They have over 30% of their energy from renewable sources.

Best Way to Make a Complaint?

The best way to start an official complaint is to get through to their complaints team by telephone. You can list any issues that you may have and they will attempt a fix. You can also make your complaint by post or e-mail. Letters can be sent to: Energy House, Athena Drive, Tachbrook  Park, Leamington Spa, CV34 6RQ.

What Phone Number Should I Call?

We always list the most important numbers and try to break down the different departments so that you can get straight through to the person that you need assistance from. If there’s only one number then get in contact with that main number and they will put you through to the department you require. If you find more, then get in touch with the one most relevant so that you can skip having to be put through.

Who are Diverse Energy?

We’re an independent call-forwarding website that sort through all of the most important energy phone numbers so you don’t have to. We are not part of the Co-op or any of the other energy companies that we list. The site is just to guide your query and help you skip all of the nonsense beforehand.

Best Way to Save Energy?

Utilise their whole section on reducing your bills, as they elaborate on ways you could save money. They have different sections on how you can cut down your costs and even apply for schemes or tariffs that could save you money.

What is a Cooling Off Period?

If you agree to switch energy then you’ll have 14 days in between the switchover where you can cancel the move. This is obligatory and occurs before every switch, if you have changed your mind simply call the company and inform them.

Alternative Ways to Get in Touch

The great thing with Co op energy is that they provide many alternative ways to get in touch via their website which is filled with help sections and step by step guides, they really do take pride in customer service. If your query isn’t urgent and you would prefer to write rather than call you can submit a question via one of their contact forms or even get in touch through one of their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

If you prefer to write a letter you can also send it to the below postal address, please be aware response times will be significantly longer than if you were to call the coop energy customer service team.

Co-operative Energy
Warwick Technology Park
CV34 6DA

Cooperative Energy Reviews

Reading customer reviews across three of the main review sites (Money Supermarket, and TrustPilot) co-operative energy scored poor to average on customer service reviews overall. On the energy provider came 20 out of 22 energy providers in the UK scoring 45% overall on customer service. They scored an average of 5/10 on Money Supermarket  and 1.3 out of 10 on TrustPilot.

Contact Extra Energy

0843 509 2522

Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone companies access charge. Diverse-Energy provide a call forwarding service which will connect you directly through to ExtraEnergy UK. You can call the Extra Energy contact number 0843 509 2522 if you need to speak to a customer service adviser regarding your account. We are no way affiliated with Extra Energy, all information can be found freely in the public domain.

Who are Extra Energy?

Extra Energy UK is part of the Extra Group, a privately held conglomerate based in Germany that counts mobile phones, travel and insurance amongst its businesses. They entered the UK energy market a little more than two years ago adding its UK operation to those it runs in other European countries. Extra Energy’s marketing claims to offer a fresh approach and lower prices which puts the consumer first.

The company offer fixed rate energy tariffs to both home and business customers and have UK based contact centres. Extra Energy’s fuel mix currently consists of Coal (19%), Nuclear (13%), Gas (33%), Renewable (28%) and other (7%).

If you are considering switching to Xtra Energy there are various websites where you can read reviews beforehand. There are currently 8 customer reviews listed on Money Supermarket which rate Extra Energy reviews at 3 out of 10. Unfortunately the reviews don’t get much better on TrustPilot with ExtraEnergy customer service being rated as bad scoring 0.4 out of 10.

If you need to discuss your account you can call the Extra Energy contact number on 0843 509 2522.

Call the Extra Energy Contact Number on 0843 509 2522

Extra Energy Contact Number – 0800 953 4774

If you need to contact the Extra Energy customer service team to discuss your account you can call the Extra Energy contact number on 0843 509 2522 to speak to an adviser. Lines are open to take calls Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturdays 9am to 5pm, unfortunately they are closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

If you have an emergency regarding your prepayment meter outside of those hours you can call the Extra Energy Prepayment number on 0800 368 2970 or 0333 300 0270. Alternative useful contact numbers:

For general enquiries you can call 0800 953 4774 or 0843 509 2522

To get a quote for home energy you can call 0800 953 4774 or 0843 509 2522

To get a quote for business energy you can call 0845 140 0251

To report a gas leak you can call the National Gas Helpline on 0800 111 999

Reasons to Contact Extra Energy

Unfortunately the only way to get in touch is to call them, they don’t currently have a method of contact via social media and don’t display a postal address on their website. General questions from customers include:

  • What are your opening hours?
  • Can I manage my ExtraEnergy account online?
  • How do I switch to Extra Energy?
  • How long will it take to switch?
  • How do I submit a meter reading?
  • What is a prepayment meter?
  • I’m moving home, what should I do?

Contact Extra Energy UK today on 0843 509 2522


What is the fastest way to get in touch with Extra Energy?

The quickest and most efficient way to get in contact with Extra Energy is to call the Extra Energy UK number on 0843 509 2522, they don’t currently offer any other methods of contact. You can visit their FAQ’s section on their website to try and any questions you may have

Will the number Diverse-Energy provides get me through to ExtraEnergy?

Yes this number will get you directly through to the Extra Energy Customer Service team, we provide a call forwarding service to save you having to spend time searching for an official number on the internet. If they can’t deal with your specific query they’ll put you through to someone who can.

Why is helping Extra Energy in This Way?

We enjoy helping customers like you get in touch with the companies that play an important role in your daily life. It’s part of our company mission to inform UK consumers about the benefits as well as the suppliers of alternative energy products. Our goal is not to help Extra Energy do their job but to help you get the information you need much quicker than having to search the internet for the official number.

How much does it cost to call Diverse Energy’s contact number for Extra Energy?

By calling the Extra Energy Contact Number on 0843 509 2522 it will cost you 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. We are in no way associated with Extra Energy we just provide a call forwarding service.

Contact iSupplyEnergy

0843 509 2516

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. Diverse-Energy are in no way affiliated with iSupplyEnergy, we provide a call forwarding service which will connect you directly through to iSupplyEnergy. You can call the iSupplyEnergy contact number on 0843 509 2516.

About iSupplyEnergy

iSupplyEnergy are a gas and electricity supplier based in Dorset that began operations in 2012. Their PR department pushes the idea that iSupply believe in putting consumers in control of their energy choices and that the company’s products provide a way to do just that. If you need to contact the team you call the iSupplyEnergy contact number on 0843 509 2516.

iSupplyenergy are one of the fastest tier 2 energy providers in the UK with thousands of customers joining each month.

They believe in honest, simple and low pricing models and also vow to drop prices if the wholesale price of gas and electric drops at any point. You will find that i supply energy tariffs are some of the cheapest on the market.

The companies fuel mix is composed mainly of fossil fuels with the majority of fuel being produced from coal (38.7%), natural gas (36.2%), Nuclear (14.2%) and renewable energy only making up 0.46% from wind, hydro and solar power.

The company pride themselves on delivering excellent customer service and are known to have one of the best online self-service portals in the industry which is said to make paying bills and switching to iSupplyEnergy pain free!

Call the iSupplyEnergy Contact Number on 0843 509 2516

iSupplyEnergy Reviews

If you are looking to do some research before making a decision to switch to iSupplyEnergy there are various trusted websites where you can read reviews. TrustPilot  recently scored iSupplyEnergy customer service at a average of 6.9 out of 10, upon reading the reviews listed on the TrustPilot website (see link above) they generally range from very poor to excellent. You can also read i Supply Energy reviews on

iSupplyEnergy Contact Number – 0330 202 0298

You can contact iSupplyEnergy Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. Due to the phone lines being shut on a weekend we would advise the best time to call would be outside peak hours between 11am – 4pm. To contact the customer service team you can call the iSupplyEnergy telephone number above.

Unfortunately you can’t yet get in touch with the iSupplyEnergy customer services team via Facebook or Twitter, however you can submit a query online or if you prefer to write you can send any correspondence to the below address:

Richmond House

Richmond Hill




Additional ways to get in touch with iSupplyEnergy

You can submit an online query via the website – or contact them on their official number which is 0330 202 2298. They also advise to visit there ‘Ask a Question’ section before calling.

If you have think you can smell gas you can call the National Gas Helpline on 0800 111 999, you can also call this number to report a gas explosion or you believe your appliance is giving off carbon monoxide.

If you have a power cut or electrical emergency you will need to contact your local operator who is responsible for the cables in your area.

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Hours
iSupplyEnergy Customer Service 0843 509 2516 or 0330 202 0298 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
iSupply Sales Support 0843 509 2516 or 0330 202 0373 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm
National Gas Helpline 0800 111 999 7 days a week / 24 Hours

Reasons to Contact iSupplyEnergy

General reasons to call the i supply energy number are:

  • What type of tariffs do iSupplyEnergy offer?
  • What is the Feed-in Tariff Scheme?
  • How do I set up my iSupplyEnergy online account?
  • How do I switch to i supply energy?
  • Can I cancel my contract if i’m not happy?
  • How do I make an iSupplyEnergy complaint?
  • What is the government electricity rebate?


What is the easiest way to Contact iSupplyEnergy?

Without a doubt the best, most reliable way to speak with the iSupplyEnergy support team is to call, to be connected directly through our call connection service you can call 0843 509 2516. Due to you not being able to contact via social media this really is the fastest way to get in touch with them.

What is the iSupplyEnergy email address?

You can write to them if you want by filling out one of the contact forms on their website but exactly when they’ll get back to you about your question or complaint is anyone’s guess at this point. The email address for iSupplyEnergy isn’t displayed on their website, you will have to log in to your online account to view it. If receiving a timely response is not an issue for you, you can send a letter to their postal address:

Richmond House

Richmond Hill




Is Your 0843 Number an official iSupplyEnergy number?

No. The number we provide you here at will connect you directly through to i supply energy customer service, however we just provide a call forwarding number. We provide it for you as part of our company mission to promote awareness and facilitate the use of alternative energy sources. While you’re here jot down the numbers we provide for other energy companies as well and feel free to distribute them to friends and family.

Can I use this number to report an issue?

0843 509 2516 will get you straight through to iSupply Energy technical support or any other of the company’s departments. If the person that answers your call isn’t able to provide satisfaction they’ll put you through to someone who can.

Contact GB Energy

0843 509 2514

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. Diverse Energy provide a call forwarding service, if you need to contact GB Energy you can call the GB Energy Contact Number on 0843 509 2514. We are not affiliated with GB Energy and all information found on this webpage can be found freely in the public domain.

About GB Energy

GB Energy Supply are relatively new players in the UK energy market. Since launching they have been trying to attract new customers primarily through their low price tariffs (their £799 tariff is the lowest offered by any UK energy company since 2011). The company, based in Preston, have made inroads into an increasingly crowded UK energy landscape with these low prices which means lots of people have been switching. Which in turn means lots of people have been calling GB daily. GB does an admirable job trying to keep up but with their limited resources the fastest way to contact GB Energy Supply is to use the number we provide you here at diverse-energy.

GB Energy Supply doesn’t have a magnificent office tower in The City where they entertain politicians. Their business model depends on being able to attract customers by keeping their tariffs affordable and to do that they need to keep operating costs low. Consequently they’re heavy on things like contact forms and light on things like having enough people to answer the onslaught of phone calls they receive. 

As of 30th November 2016 GB Energy Supply were bought out by Co-operative Energy.

Call the GB Energy Supply Contact Number on 0843 509 2514

Reason to Call the GB Energy Contact Number – 0800 6444 451

GB Energy Supply are a newish company so people have lots of questions and concerns. The main reasons people call the GB Energy Supply complaints number are:

  • Problems managing their online account
  • Confusion about how to make and submit a meter reading
  • How to switch suppliers
  • What to do now Gb Energy Supply have been taken over by Co-operative?

You can contact GB Energy on 0800 6444 451 or you can call them using 0843 509 2514 which will connect you directly through the the GB Energy Customer Service team.


What Is The Best Time to Call GB Energy Supply?

The main GB Energy Supply support number is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm. If you’re like most people you don’t have time to spend during the work day holding the line so you’ll try and call in the evening, which is an even busier time for GB.

Does Your Number Divert Me to a Random Call Centre?

No. When you call 0843 509 2514 you get put directly through to GB Energy Supply customer services. Our GB Energy telephone number will connect you through to the customer care team where you can choose from options which will direct you through to the department you are looking for.

Will This Number Work for GB Energy Supply Complaints?

Yes. The number we provide you will put you directly through to the GB Energy customer service department. If you need to complain about something that’s come to your attention or just ask a few questions about your bill or anything else, this is the best number to call.

What if I Want to Write to GB?

If you aren’t a fan of the telephone you still have several options to contact GB Energy Supply. Their website has several contact forms you can fill out and submit that cover everything from cancelling your service to entering a meter reading. Or dash off a hand written letter and send it via post to:

GB Energy Supply Ltd

842 – 844 Garstang Road




Remember: if you want to talk to someone now it is quicker to contact GB Energy by phone.

Get Through Directly to GB Energy Today

Whether you want to speak to GB Energy Supply complaints or GB Energy Supply technical support there is no faster or more dependable way to get through to them then using the number we provide you here at – 0843 509 2514. While you’re here take advantage of the contact numbers we provide for other energy companies. We also provide information about making alternative energy work for your home or business.

Diverse Energy are in no way associated with GB Energy or any of the companies we provide information about on this website, all information is available freely in the public domain.