EV Everywhere is a new tariff provided by OVO Energy that allows new and existing customers to gain several extra benefits if they own an electric car. The tariff was introduced on August 1, 2017 when OVO energy formed a partnership with Chargemaster (the UK’s largest provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure) in attempt to build a complete ‘Grid Smart’ that will balance renewable energy by allowing users to sell back their nonessential energy.

Electric Car Charging

Benefits of Using EV Everywhere

Once you sign up for EV Everywhere and are accepted you will then be entitled to a 2 year fixed energy package, this package includes:

  • Free Green Energy (worth £120)
  • A 2 year free membership to Polar Plus who have over 5,000 electric charging points across the UK (worth £188)
  • Zero energy price rises for at least 3 years
  • 3% interest reward on credit balances

These benefits can be extremely beneficial as you receive 100% green electric renewable energy along with your extra bundle benefits. Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular and OVO Energy are backing the idea of an electric future further with this new tariff.

Having a tariff bundle individually formulated for EV Everywhere users is a great idea and well put together, it’s great to see OVO Energy giving something back to their customers. Why not see how much you can save by giving them a call on 0117 9303 100 or browse our OVO contact page for the best number.

How To Sign Up For EV Everywhere

Signing up for the EV Everywhere bundle is easy. Simply visit their website here and put your post code where it asks you to. From that point you will be asked to fill out a survey which will determine the quote you will receive. After you have submitted your survey it will then be assessed and your quote will be returned to you almost instantly. If you want to accept the offer then follow the on screen instructions and you’re all set!

About OVO Energy

OVO Energy is one of the leading UK self sufficient energy suppliers and seems to be tackling the ‘big 6’ energy providers head on. OVO Energy was Founded in 2009 by Stephen Fitzpatrick and so far they have made positive changes,  shaking up the UK energy market by making energy tariffs less complicated, more eco-friendly and fairer for customers

OVO Energy now has a whopping 680,000 customers, which continues to increase month on month. Their efforts have been recognised by many recently being named as the Supplier of the Year 2017 by uSwitch which is an incredible and well deserved achievement.

OVO also ranked number one in the 2015 and 2016 Which? energy customer satisfaction surveys which seemed to give other customers the confidence to make the switch. Overall, OVO is a very customer (and environmentally) focused company who we think will begin to lead change that the UK energy industry needs. We can hope other energy suppliers will follow their lead providing cheaper, easier and more energy efficient tariffs for all.