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Future Energy Contact Number – 0800 158 5451

Finding the right Future Energy contact number can be difficult if you are looking to get in touch with a specific department – which is why we have gone to the effort of narrowing down all the information you need to know on the supplier and how to get in touch with them. The quickest and easiest way to get in touch is to call the Future Energy phone number on 0843 903 3116, lines are open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm.

Whether you are signing up for a new supply or are already with the firm for your gas and/or electricity, getting through to the right people is easier than you might think.  Take a look at our guide to Future Energy services below, along with a guide to contact information you will likely find useful throughout your discussions with the supplier.

Future Energy in Brief

Future Energy is a relatively small energy provider offering gas and electricity to households throughout the North East.  Based in Newcastle, the firm began trading in response to rising energy prices in the region, much of which was causing busy families to fall into debt with the bigger names in energy provision. 

Future Energy reviews back up the supplier’s claims to offer transparent pricing, easy account management and efficient, affordable electricity and gas.  While the firm may offer a focused service on Newcastle and the North East, there is nothing to say that the supplier won’t expand in years to come should interest spike.

Call the Future Energy Phone Number on 0843 903 3116

Future Energy Tariffs

One call to the Future Energy contact number on 0843 903 3116 will put you in touch with a member of the company’s registration team as well as their main switchboard, where you’ll be able to jump through to any department you wish to get in touch with.  We have more information on this below – but one of the main reasons why people contact Future Energy at all is that they want to know more about the prices they could be paying for gas and electricity. 

Therefore, the supplier has gone to some length in establishing these rates online before you need to make a call to their helpline service.

The supplier provides both fixed and variable tariffs, meaning that you can take out dual fuel or either gas or electricity as you desire.  Both variations are available for you to view in more detail via the Future Energy website, as is a nice breakdown of what exactly goes into their energy mix. 

It’s also good to see all of the pricing and charge sup front before you get started – along with a guide to how much they charge per kilowatt hour.

Call the Future Energy Contact Number today on 0843 903 6113

Switching to Future Energy

Switching energy suppliers has been simplified massively over the past few years – and Future Energy, too, have made things extremely simple for prospective new customers to get involved with their open and affordable pricing.  As stated on the main website, the process really is a three-stage affair:

  1. Call the Future Energy helpline on 0800 158 5451 and speak to a member of the new connections team.  They will take a few details from you and will register you on a tariff that suits your needs and usage best.
  2. From here, a meter reading will be required – from the date and time you wish to start with the supplier or the crossover date of cancellation from your existing supplier.  This will enable the firm to start charging you precisely for the energy you use, and not a penny more.
  3. Once a representative has fitted you with a smart meter, you can sit back and relax – your work is done!  You may have already discussed cancelling your supply with your current provider – in which case you should expect a final bill from them, and a letter welcoming you to Future Energy in the meantime.

Smart Meters

Future Energy are proud to be keen providers of smart meters for homes, which are widely used to help households prepare for billing and to ensure that they have enough funds to cover their energy usage.  Smart meters are provided to help resolve the majority of billing enquiries that may otherwise be fielded by the firm’s contact centre – not only do they give you a breakdown of how much energy you are using and how much you can expect to pay, your data will be directly forwarded to the supplier – meaning that awkward meter readings of the past can now be banished to where they belong!

Smart meters effectively give more power to you as an energy user – but if you do still need support from a member of the team, you can call the Future Energy contact number to get dedicated advice on any areas you may have concerns with.

Fair Pricing

Future Energy advise that they stand by ‘fair pricing’ which is actively compared with the best rates on the market – and that they actively review their fees and rates to ensure that they are consistently providing customers in the North East with the best possible deals around on gas and electricity provision. 

Further to this, the supplier is proud to be able to offer rates and fees in a detailed tariff guide – which you can read online before you make the decision whether or not to switch over.  Future Energy prices are available both online and in paper form – all you have to do is make a request to learn more.

How to Get in Touch with Future Energy

The best way to get in touch with the supplier is to call the Future Energy telephone number on 0843 903 3116 – or you can use the website’s email form pop-up to send a written message to a member of staff so that they can call or write back to you – unless, of course, their live chat facility is available! 

You can also email [email protected], or you can write to the supplier via postal address – which we will detail for you later on down the page. 

Future Energy Telephone Number – 0800 158 5451

Getting through to the right team via the Future Energy helpline is relatively simple thanks to their smart switchboard system and their dedicated contact centre.

Here at Diverse energy we’ve made it even easier for you to get in touch with the team you need to reach without having to hang on the line or without having to wait to hear back about a query you may have made in writing. 

Take a closer look at our Future Energy contact number guide for a breakdown – but if all else fails, you can always contact the supplier online or via the main switchboard through the Future Energy telephone number widely provided 0843 903 3116 .

Alternative Future Energy Phone Numbers

If you struggle to get through on the above number you can also try the below.

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Hours
Main Future Energy Contact Number 0800 158 5451 Monday to Friday 8am - 8pm Saturday 9am - 1pm
National Gas Helpline 0800 111 999 24 hours, 7 days
National Electricity Helpline 0800 668 877 24 hours, 7 days

Future Energy Customer Service Departments

Despite being a fairly small firm and a close-knit business, the supplier does operate on a number of different levels.  For example, you may wish to find the Future Energy telephone number for billing support, for registrations, for physical assistance, for registering a vulnerable customer, or for making complaints. 

The team is available to assist you with a wide range of queries at their Newcastle contact centre, where the company is based.  The majority of queries regarding signing up and getting started with a Future Energy supply can be found via the main website – but more detailed concerns can always be handled by Future Energy advisers via telephone should you need to speak to someone.

Meter Readings

Future Energy services are set up to ensure that the awkward meter reading process of old is replaced largely by a smart meter system – which is completely free and takes away the middleman hassle of having to either arrange for a meter reader to visit, or to supply your own readings. 

The smart meter system supplied by Future Energy works completely on its own, offering you a constant look at how much you are spending so that your bills don’t come as a big shock when they arrive each quarter.  Future Energy advisors can also be on hand via the helpline to ensure that you are fully up to speed with all of your tariff demands and your payments – and so that you never face disruption to your essential home supply.

Important Contact Details for Future Energy

Future Energy are one of many suppliers who can now be actively contacted live through online chat via their website – and you can also email the team via [email protected].  What’s more, the Future Energy phone number, 0843 903 3116 will put you in touch with members of each specific team and you’ll be able to easily find the answers to your concerns with just a few minutes on the phone. 

The supplier actively combats queuing by providing smart meters which answer much of the billing side of matters for you – so you won’t have to hang on the phone for long periods.

If you would like to write to the supplier directly instead – should you wish to escalate a complaint or otherwise – it’s best to get in touch with Future Energy via their Newcastle office postal address as follows:

Future Energy

13 Hoults Yard

Walker Road

Newcastle Upon Tyne


You can also visit their website: www.future-energy.com.