0843 509 2514

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. Diverse Energy provide a call forwarding service, if you need to contact GB Energy you can call the GB Energy Contact Number on 0843 509 2514. We are not affiliated with GB Energy and all information found on this webpage can be found freely in the public domain.

About GB Energy

GB Energy Supply are relatively new players in the UK energy market. Since launching they have been trying to attract new customers primarily through their low price tariffs (their £799 tariff is the lowest offered by any UK energy company since 2011). The company, based in Preston, have made inroads into an increasingly crowded UK energy landscape with these low prices which means lots of people have been switching. Which in turn means lots of people have been calling GB daily. GB does an admirable job trying to keep up but with their limited resources the fastest way to contact GB Energy Supply is to use the number we provide you here at diverse-energy.

GB Energy Supply doesn’t have a magnificent office tower in The City where they entertain politicians. Their business model depends on being able to attract customers by keeping their tariffs affordable and to do that they need to keep operating costs low. Consequently they’re heavy on things like contact forms and light on things like having enough people to answer the onslaught of phone calls they receive. 

As of 30th November 2016 GB Energy Supply were bought out by Co-operative Energy.

Call the GB Energy Supply Contact Number on 0843 509 2514

Reason to Call the GB Energy Contact Number – 0800 6444 451

GB Energy Supply are a newish company so people have lots of questions and concerns. The main reasons people call the GB Energy Supply complaints number are:

  • Problems managing their online account
  • Confusion about how to make and submit a meter reading
  • How to switch suppliers
  • What to do now Gb Energy Supply have been taken over by Co-operative?

You can contact GB Energy on 0800 6444 451 or you can call them using 0843 509 2514 which will connect you directly through the the GB Energy Customer Service team.


What Is The Best Time to Call GB Energy Supply?

The main GB Energy Supply support number is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm. If you’re like most people you don’t have time to spend during the work day holding the line so you’ll try and call in the evening, which is an even busier time for GB.

Does Your Number Divert Me to a Random Call Centre?

No. When you call 0843 509 2514 you get put directly through to GB Energy Supply customer services. Our GB Energy telephone number will connect you through to the customer care team where you can choose from options which will direct you through to the department you are looking for.

Will This Number Work for GB Energy Supply Complaints?

Yes. The number we provide you will put you directly through to the GB Energy customer service department. If you need to complain about something that’s come to your attention or just ask a few questions about your bill or anything else, this is the best number to call.

What if I Want to Write to GB?

If you aren’t a fan of the telephone you still have several options to contact GB Energy Supply. Their website has several contact forms you can fill out and submit that cover everything from cancelling your service to entering a meter reading. Or dash off a hand written letter and send it via post to:

GB Energy Supply Ltd

842 – 844 Garstang Road




Remember: if you want to talk to someone now it is quicker to contact GB Energy by phone.

Get Through Directly to GB Energy Today

Whether you want to speak to GB Energy Supply complaints or GB Energy Supply technical support there is no faster or more dependable way to get through to them then using the number we provide you here at diverse-energy.com – 0843 509 2514. While you’re here take advantage of the contact numbers we provide for other energy companies. We also provide information about making alternative energy work for your home or business.

Diverse Energy are in no way associated with GB Energy or any of the companies we provide information about on this website, all information is available freely in the public domain.