0843 903 3121

This is an unofficial number we are not associated with Avid Energy. Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your operator’s access charge. This is a call connection service, you can also contact Avid Energy for free on 0808 284 0323, or find help by visiting their website here.

Avid Energy Contact Number – 0808 284 0323

If you’re looking to enquire about your current tariff, signing up for a Pay As You Go plan or wish to make a complaint then utilise the Avid Energy phone numbers that we have listed here. Getting in contact with businesses shouldn’t be as complex as it’s often made- but that’s where we step in and take away the middleman.

We unravel their important numbers and provide them here; all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Rather than calling left, right and centre you can speak to them directly with the customer service number that we have provided.

Although they have lots of information listed on their website they also have a team ready to answer your questions on the other end of the line. Don’t hesitate to contact them with your query. Here at Diverse Energy we enable you to call the number you need. We are not associated with them and we act as an independent call-forwarding service to merely assist you and eliminate much of the nonsense that comes with finding the phone numbers that you need.

Avid Energy attempts to make your life simple with their smart technology and easy-to-understand tariffs whilst we enhance this with our easy to find numbers. Our team work tirelessly to round up all of the phone numbers that you need, helping you avoid being put on hold.

About Avid Energy

They attempt to remove all of the hassle and this UK customer even have their call centre based in the country. Avid Energy is a specific type of Energy Company that will certainly appeal to a particular market. They boast an easy to manage plan that eliminates reading complicated bills, eradicates meter readings and ensures that you stay out of debt. It works as a Pay As You Go company with a prepayment meter that makes sure that you only spend what you use.

If you’re sick of energy bills, meter readings and other complications that are generally attached then you are the exact customer, Avid are looking for. They have a £5 welcome gift, £10 emergency credit and an app that ensures you can monitor all of your energy activity.

Reasons to Call

There are plenty of reasons to contact Avid Energy and even though they have an array of useful detail on their website you can call them for more information.

The most common reasons for calling includes:

  • Switching to Avid Energy
  • Enquire about tariffs
  • More on Pay As You Go
  • To make a complaint
  • Cancel your account
  • About energy sources and fuel mix
  • Repairs or replacements
  • Technical support

You’re not limited to the above reasons, you can get in touch with absolutely any query that you have.

Avid Energy Customer Services – 0808 284 0323

The Avid Energy customer services consists of trained experts who are available to answer all of your questions about the company, tariffs and more but if you can find another number that links you directly to the department that you require then you should call that

Although they aren’t anywhere near the size as some of the gigantic companies in the industry they still receive a high volume of calls and that’s why they departmentalise their call centre. This then enables them to share expertise in specific areas and deal with your query swiftly.

DepartmentsAvid Energy Phone NumberOpening Times
General Enquires 0808 284 0323 Monday to Friday 8am - 9pm Sat & Sun 9am - 7pm
National Gas Helpline 0800 111 999 24 Hours / 7 Days

Join Avid Energy

Call the Avid Energy Contact Numbe r on 0843 903 3121A reason why many callers on the line, and fortunately they have a team dedicated to this. You can switch energy with ease- just call up their number and tell them about your interest to join this provider. They will then talk you through the process, quotes and help you make the switchover. Calling our specific phone number means you don’t need to wait on hold or call other companies and wait to be put through.

Technical Support

If you’re seeking support for a technical issue then you should give them a call and speak to an advisor. They can assist you with their mobile app, your meter or other issues you may be experiencing. It’s always easier to deal with an issue of this kind with direct contact such as a telephone call.


If you are unhappy with part of the service then you should get in touch with their complaints department. Call the complaints phone number and let them know why you are unsatisfied. We give you more details on how to make an official complaint further down.

General Enquiries

You can make your general enquiry with the customer service team, their front of desk staff will help you with anything that you need and they also have the ability to put you through to the department that you need.

How to Complain

Although all companies try their utmost to impress their entire customer base- it’s vital that they have a system in place for complaints. Avid is no different, the small company has a large number of clients and they seem to be growing at a rapid rate thus why they have a complaints line. Their team are well-versed in the procedure and will attempt to make amends immediately.

Complaining isn’t something that most of us enjoy and that’s why we lay down the steps and help you with your complaint.

  1. Firstly you should note down what you wish to complain about, what resolution you expect and keep the pen and pad handy so that you can write down your reference number.
  2. Phone their complaints number and let them know about the pressing matter, tell them what you’re unhappy with and how they can rectify it today.
  3. If they’re unable to resolve the problem, log an official complaint and await further contact.
  4. If it’s not dealt with appropriately you can escalate matters by putting it all in writing and sending it to their headquarters.
  5. You can speak to the ombudsman and they will help you take matters further with your complaint.

How to Switch Energy

Switching is often thought to be a complicated action but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Typically it’s a process that can be done over the phone with one company.

If you are looking to switch to Avid Energy then you can enquire about their tariffs over the phone, get a quote and then decide whether you’d like to make the change. You don’t have to decide on the spot but if you do choose to switch energy then they will take care of it. You won’t have to contact your old provider, they simply make the switch and notify your current supplier. You will then have to wait around 17 days until it’s completed this includes the 14-day Cooling Period.

Download the Avid Energy App

We’re in a new generation with smart meters now giving us more control on how much we use and also lots of devices and apps helping us connect to our smart home. You can download the Avid Energy app to make an instant payment, to monitor your usage and more. If you’re unsure on how it works then simply call them and a representative will talk you through the process. You can download this app on your Android or IOS phone with ease.

Android users can download the app here

Apple users can download the app here.

Screenshot of Avid Energy App


We have searched for the most common questions so you don’t have to- although the phone is the best tool to get our answers, you may have everything you need below.

What is a Pre Paid Service?

This company function on this basis with tariffs that only provide prepayment meters. This means that you only use what you pay for, you top up your account and you can then use that amount of energy. If you run out without realising, you can utilise the £10 emergency credit available. Pre paid services are great to monitor your costs and to ensure you do not rack up a debt.

Who are Diverse Energy?

We are an independent call company that decipher through all the information you need and provide the phone numbers for essential energy departments. We are not connect to Avid, we merely try to improve the customer experience.

Best Way to Join?

There’s lots of information available online and you can also leave your details but it will all be dealt with via a call. The best way to join is to phone them today and declare your interest.

What Number to Use?

If you’re joining, then call the main telephone number. The main number will be able to answer any of your queries. You can find all the numbers here and if unsure then contact the customer services they will put you through to the person that you need for your query.

How to Complain?

We’ve compiled a list of steps above that help you with your complaint. You should phone to let them know any of your problems or you can write to them. Follow the above steps when making your thoughts known.

Contacting Avid Energy

Call the Avid Energy helpline on 0808 284 0323, or see above for alternative numbers.

You can also write to the team in further detail via the following address below:

Avid Energy Limited

Maple House

High Street

Potters Bar



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