If you are looking to make life in 2017 that little bit easier, then a British Gas Smart Meter could be exactly what you are looking for, not only do they automatically read your gas and electricity meter but they also send the results to British Gas directly so there is no need for you to keep checking how much gas and electric you have used on your meter, it’s all done for you.

Another advantage of British Gas Smart Meters is that they come with a smart energy monitor so you and your family can see exactly how much gas and electric you are using, in pennies and pounds, as you’re using it – which can be a great way to get the kids involved in saving energy around the house.

What is a British Gas Smart Meter?

British Gas Smart Meter ContactA British Gas Smart Meter allows you to not only see how much energy you are using but you can also control the energy you are using by doing something as simple as using the dishwasher or boiling the kettle for a quick cuppa and catch up with friends. Due to the fact that the British Gas Smart Meters are connected to British Gas you don’t even need to mess around finding a reading your meter ever again and you’ll get an accurate meter reading every time, that just charges you for the energy you have used.

How Much Does a British Gas Smart Meter Cost?

The best thing about a Smart Meter with British Gas is the British Gas Smart Meter Cost; British Gas installs them completely free of charge. As long as you have your gas and electric with British Gas they will install your smart meter for you at no extra charge.

The smart meter supports plans by the government to reduce the carbon emissions made in the UK, by seeing how much electricity and gas homeowners are using it is hoped that homeowners will be able to make small steps to reducing their own carbon emissions which will help create a better environment for us all to live in, a low electricity and gas bills for home owners too!

As soon as your smart meter from British Gas is installed you’ll be able to start making savings on your energy bills straight away.

To enquire about a British Gas Smart Meter call our British Gas Contact Number which can be found here.