0843 509 2510

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. Diverse-Energy.com provide a call forwarding service which simply provides a Utility Warehouse Contact Number that will get you through to the Utility Warehouse customer service team. We are in no way associated with any of the companies listed on this webpage, all information can be found freely in the public domain.

About Utility Warehouse

With their head quarters situated in London NW9 5AB, Utility Warehouse are a quintessentially 21st century company. The kind that seems to come out of nowhere and before too long is a major player in people’s lives. The company behind Utility Warehouse is called Telecom Plus.

It began life in 1996 as a maker of an inexpensive gadget that would reroute calls to cheaper networks and is now one of the UK’s largest multi-utility suppliers with some £730 million in annual revenue, (including money it earns through Utility Warehouse).

Classified as a utility company they have a diverse portfolio supplying a multitude of services which range from Phone & Broadband, Mobile and Energy.

So how do Utility Warehouse differ from other energy providers? Well for starters you can also get your phone, broadband and mobile services through them which means you will be supplied one bill for everything! They are the only company to do this in the UK and it can help keep costs low and not to mention make life easier.

Standing our from other service providers Utility Warehouse have a discount club which enables customers to receive special club benefits. They have partnered up with some of the UK’s biggest companies such as Sainsbury’s, M&S, Debenhams and Argos (just to name a few) to offer an exclusive cashback service.

When it comes to Utility Warehouse Energy they guarantee to beat the average prices set by the ‘big six’ UK energy suppliers claiming guaranteed savings which mean you will never have to switch again. In 2015 they were also voted the best gas and electricity provider for value and service by Moneywise Home Finance Awards. Utility Warehouse customer service scored an impressive 7.8 / 10 on TrustPilot reviews.

Utility Warehouse Contact Number – 0333 777 0 777

Utility Warehouse have more than half a million customers and because of the innovative nature of their business structure some 40,000 independent distributors as well. On any given day they deal with thousands of questions and complaints as well as a barrage of calls from distributors and would be distributors who have important questions that need answering.

Call the Utility Warehouse Contact Number today 0843 509 2510

If you need to contact Utility warehouse to discuss your energy requirements you can call the Utility Warehouse phone number on 0843 509 2510, a customer service representative will be available to speak to you Monday – Friday 9am to 17:30pm and Saturday 9am to 16:30pm.

If you prefer not to call you can reach them via their Utility Warehouse email address which can be found on their existing members contact page. You can also write to them on the below address, however please be aware response times may take a little longer than if you were to call.

Member Services
Utility Warehouse
Network HQ
508 Edgware Road
The Hyde
London, NW9 5AB

Other Useful Utility Warehouse Telephone Numbers

For general enquiries you can call 0333 777 0 777 or 0843 509 2510

If you are moving home its 0333 777 0 888 or 0843 509 2510

If you have a Utility Warehouse technical support query you can call 0333 777 0 555 or 0843 509 2510, Monday to Friday 8-8pm.

To submit meter readings you can call 0333 777 0 999 or 0834 509 2510.

New customers can call 0333 777 3 212 or 0843 509 2510.

Reason’s People Contact Utility Warehouse

People call the Utility Warehouse Telephone Number for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • To discuss their account or bill
  • To gather more information on gas and electric tariffs
  • To discuss Feed-in tariffs
  • Find out more information on Utility Warehouse Cashback services
  • To find out about their exclusive members club


When is the Best Time to Call the Utility Warehouse Contact Number?

Utility Warehouse customer services are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm and Saturdays from 9am to 4.30pm. You can call the Utility Warehouse freephone number on 0333 777 0 777 which is free to call from mobiles and landlines or you can call 0843 509 2510.

Can I Log a Utility Warehouse Complaint Using Your 0843 Number?

Yes you can call 0843 509 2510 to make a complaint.

Can I Use This Number to Switch to Utility Warehouse?

Of course. Like any company Utility Warehouse will go out of their way to accommodate potential new customers so calling them using 0843 509 2510 is encouraged. Even if you wish to opt out of Utility Warehouse services you’ll still get straight through using the number we provide you here on diverse-energy.com.

Are There Other Ways to Connect With Utility Warehouse?

With more than ½ million customers there will always be those who aren’t fans of the telephone. For them there are a number of contact forms on the company’s website that can be used to ask questions or lodge Utility Warehouse complaints; or you can email them. If handwritten letters are your thing you can send them via post to:

Utility Warehouse

Network HQ

508 Edgware Road

The Hyde

London, NW9 5AB

Is diverse-energy.com Owned by Utility Warehouse?

Diverse-Energy.com provide a call connection service and are an entirely independent company that was established to:

  • Raise awareness of alternative energy.
  • Provide expert information on alternative energy sources.
  • Provide information on the viability of alternative energy for your home or business.

An additional part of our mission is to provide consumers with better, faster, more affordable and more reliable ways to get in touch with these companies. That includes the Utility Warehouse contact number we provide here. We have no affiliation with Utility Warehouse or any other company we provide information on. All information on this webpage can be found freely in the public domain.