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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. This is a call forwarding service provided by Diverse-Energy.com, we are in no way associated with Scottish Power. We provide a Scottish Power Contact Number which will connect you directly to the customer service team.

Scottish Power Contact Number – 0800 027 0072

Scottish Power was once a state owned concern (the South of Scotland Electricity Board) that was privatized in 1990 and then acquired by MANWEB a few years later. They then entered the US energy market through the M&A process. The company subsequently rejected a takeover bid from EON in 2005 but then agreed to be taken over by Spanish energy giant Iberdrola a year later who focus on providing sustainable greener energy.

They are now one of the big 6 energy companies in the UK and supply gas and electric to around 5 million households and businesses across the UK. You can contact Scottish Power on the above number and their headquarters are situated at; Cathcart Business Park, Spean St, Glasgow G44 4BE.

They claim to work hard to ensure they bring you competitive tariffs for your gas and electricity along with products and services such as boiler cover and remote heating control that enable you to be in control of YourEnergy. Dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint they continue to invest in renewable energy solutions such as wind farms.

The evolution of the UK’s energy industry over the past few decades is a tale with more twists and turns than a cold war novel. From the establishment of government electricity boards through the process of privatization during and after the Thatcher years to the merger and acquisition mania that has swept the industry since the turn of the century, you need to take a university course to figure it all out.

Call the Scottish Power Phone Number 0843 509 2524

The History of Scottish Power Customer Service

ScottishPower have been under the regulatory gun for the better part of a decade. First due to allegations that they rig the power distribution network in Scotland in order to cash in on little-known aspects of energy law and second due to widespread complaints about their customer services. Things on that end got so bad the company were once banned from signing up new customers until they figured out how to deal with the customers they already had.

The bottom line is that if you are or have been a customer of this company you know what frustration is. Holding the line for hours on the standard Scottish Power contact number is the norm not the exception and although the company have vowed to address the issue.

Customers log Scottish Power complaints (more accurately Iberdrola complaints) at a rate some 20 times greater than the industry standard. The Energy Ombudsman has cited them repeatedly for poor customer service, ignoring rules handed down by regulatory agencies and overly aggressive marketing tactics. Just a few months ago the company were fined £18M by Ofgem for their poor customer services.

Call the Scottish Power Contact Number 0843 509 2524 today

Commitment to Customers

Despite the poor reputation when it comes to customer service Scottish Power are working hard to improve this and now have an online support centre to help directly to resolve any issues you may be faced with. However if you need a quick resolution we would always advise giving them a call on 0843 509 2524.

Scottish Power have now introduced ‘Power Up’ which is an new innovative way to buy energy packages using your Android or iPhone. Customers can use the PowerUp App to buy and track how much energy they are using, the more you buy the cheaper it is. You and input your meter readings to watch exactly how much you are spending and there are no hidden fees or charges. This service can only be ordered directly through Scottish Power, it isn’t available through any comparison sites.

As per the government’s plan to introduce Smart Meters by the end of 2020 so customers can monitor exactly what their energy is used on Scottish Power are now allowing customers to register their interest for a Smart Meter.

Why Do Customers Typically Call This Company?

There are plenty of other reasons people call the Scottish Power Phone Number and here are some of the most common.

  • Submit meter readings
  • Bills, payments and refunds
  • Moving home
  • Gas and electric tariffs
  • Direct debits
  • Prepayment meters
  • Switching energy providers

If you need to call Scottish Power contact number to discuss any of the above you can contact them on 0843 509 2524.


Call Centre Hours of Operation

You can call the Scottish Power support number Monday through Friday 8am to 10pm and Saturday from 8:30am to 6pm. The best, fastest, most reliable way to actually get through to this company is to call them using the 0843 number we provide you here at diverse-energy.com. This number 0843 509 2524 will have you speaking to someone at the company in minutes not hours or days.

What if I Want to Write Them Instead of Calling Them?

If you prefer to send a formal letter to Scottish Power rather than making a quick call then that is an option for you. A lot of customers are under the impression they can get a quicker response if they contact Scottish Power in writing however the company have been cited by Ofgem for being perhaps worse at responding to written complaints than they are at answering their standard contact number. Still, if you want to give it a try you can send them an email or use one of their contact forms. Or you can write them a handwritten note and send it to:

Scottish Power

Cathcart Business Park

Spean Street


G44 4BE

You can also contact Scottish Power via Facebook or Twitter, response times may be upto 24 hours.

What if I Have a Complaint?

It can be doubly frustrating if you are calling a company to complain about an error they’ve made and then you’re left to hold the line for hours. If you’d rather get through to Scottish Power customer service make sure you call them using our Scottish Power contact number on 0843 509 2524. You’ll get to air your Scottish Power complaints and get back to your busy life in short order

Why Does Diverse-energy.com Give Away This Contact Number?

We’re customers just like you. And just like you we’ve spent too much of our time holding the line waiting for a human to listen to our complaint or field our questions. We decided there must be a better way and after a lot of research we came up with the number we provide you here. Is this all we do? No. We also provide expert information on alternative energy sources, providers and options. But as far as this contact number goes our motivation is to give you a better way to get in touch with companies that play an important role in your daily life. Please note we are no way associated with Scottish Power in any way, we simply provide a directory and information service.

My Power Went Out. Can I Use This Number to Report the Outage?

This company not only generates electricity, they also distribute it on lines that, in many areas, are under their control. As such when the power goes out you’ll want to call ScottishPower technical support whether the issue is local or more widespread. Calling them using 0843 509 2524 will ensure they find out about the outage quickly so that you can get your power restored in a timely fashion.

I’m Having Technical Issues with the Meter

If you believe your meter is malfunctioning or you need to contact ScottishPower technical support for any other reason 0843 509 2524 is your best, most reliable connection. While we can’t guarantee the quality of their technician’s work we can insure you get through to them without delay so that the process of finding a solution can be set in motion.