The PowerCube® is a self-contained, 24/7, “baseload” power solution incorporating the Company’s patent protected technology.  It offers an 80% CO2 reduction and a 25% reduction in total cost of ownership with a 2-year return on investment.

Unlike alternative power solutions that are ‘back-up’ only or rely on unpredictable wind and solar combinations that have a longer ROI, the PowerCube® is easy to deploy and provides a clean, secure and reliable 24/7 electricity supply with substantial operational and environmental savings.

Working with strategic partners, Diverse Energy offers a unique end-to-end solution which leverages an existing worldwide infrastructure for on-site installation, fuel supply and maintenance of the PowerCube®.  This provides Diverse Energy’s customers with a fast and easy route to swap-out diesel generator/hybrid solutions with affordable, green energy PowerCubes®.

Unique to the PowerCube® is the use of ammonia as a fuel source.  Inside the PowerCube® is the Company’s patent-protected technology which produces hydrogen from ammonia (NH3).  This feeds two fuel cell systems incorporating off-the-shelf PEM stacks, which produce the electrical power for the cell phone tower.  Ammonia is a globally traded commodity and is already supplied across the Company’s target markets through its strategic partnerships.  “Source-to-sink” calculations show an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to diesel generators, together with the elimination of noise and contaminated waste.

Contact us to request a copy of the specification sheet for the environmentally friendly and cost-effective PowerCube® for baseload BTS power.

Why Ammonia?

Diverse Energy and its customers are not reliant upon the hydrogen economy or a hydrogen infrastructure to generate green, low carbon energy.  The Company’s patent protected technology produces hydrogen in situ from ammonia (NH3), a ubiquitous commodity that is supported by an existing global infrastructure and supplied by the Company’s strategic partners.

This innovation and the “whole PowerCube® solution” represent a step change in environmental performance for the industry.  It provides green infrastructure energy for Mobile Network Operators and OEMs, expressly targeted at their burgeoning off-grid infrastructure.  It leverages an existing global supply chain for ammonia and provides maximum impact without supply chain and operational disruption.