Diverse-Energy are a directory company who provide a call forwarding service for tier 1 and tier 2 energy suppliers across the UK. Along side providing contact numbers for energy providers in the UK we also like to provide as much information as possible to help with questions such as: Who is the cheapest Gas and Electric supplier? Which is the cheapest energy tariff? How to choose the best energy provider in the UK? We have also done the research for you on renewable energy sources and how to generate your own energy at home (you can thank us later!).

Today there are over 20 companies providing energy products and services to UK home and business owners. These companies are typically divided up into the 1st tier (composed of the Big Six) and the 2nd tier (composed mostly of ‘boutique’ energy companies and a few hybrids).

The Big Six Energy Providers in the UK

British Gas: British Gas sounds like an old economy stalwart but actually it’s a subsidiary of a larger company named Centrica which provides energy products throughout the UK, Ireland and North American. British Gas is probably the largest energy company in the UK and provides energy services to some 15 million UK homes. If you need to get to contact British Gas you can call them on 0843 509 2518.

EDF Energy: EDF is the UK’s largest producer of electricity and is a company that has been formed through mergers and acquisitions. Today it’s a wholly owned subsidiary of the French conglomerate EDF SA. EDF serves nearly 6 million homes throughout the UK. Call the EDF Energy contact number today on 0843 509 2517.

E.ON: E.ON went by the name “Powergen” until it was bought in 2002 by German firm E.ON AG and adopted the name of its new parent. The German parent company is the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility serving nearly 30 million customers. If you need contact EON you can call the EON phone number on 0843 509 2519.

NPower: NPower is owned by RWE of Germany and routinely occupies the lowest rungs of customer satisfaction surveys. NPower has more than 6 million customers in the UK while also providing energy products to Utility Warehouse Discount Club customers. You can call the Npower contact number on 0843 509 2526.

Scottish Power: Scottish Power was acquired by the Spanish energy giant Iberdrola in 2006 and not long afterward its customer satisfaction ratings began to take a hit. The company serves more than 5 million customers in the UK and also owns PPM Energy in the US. To contact Scottish Power you can call them on 0843 509 2524.

SSE: The second largest energy company in the UK with more than 9 million customers SSE does business under a variety of names including SWALEC and Scottish Hydro. Like most of its Big Six counterparts SSE suffers from poor customer service ratings. Call the SSE contact number today on 0843 509 2521.

Once you get past the Big Six there are a number of smaller 2nd tier energy companies that deliver a variety of different products and services, including energy produced from wind, solar and hydro. These smaller companies tend to have a better customer service record but can still be difficult to get through to using their standard contact numbers. These 2nd tier companies include:

Getting in Touch with Your Energy Provider

It can often be difficult finding the right contact number for a particular energy supplier as most don’t display them easily and have you clicking through page after page on their website. Some energy providers don’t supply a telephone number at all and will only speak to customers through a contact form or via email, this can be a major inconvenience when there is an emergency and you need to get something resolved quickly.

Here at Diverse-Energy we provide a call forwarding service whereby we supply a contact number that will get your directly through to the energy company you are trying to reach. We are in no way associated with any of the companies we list or write about on this website, we simply do the research for you and provide the telephone numbers your need to save you have to spend time trying to find them.