solar-energyThe diminishing source of energy all over the world is now becoming one of the major problems this generation is facing. Although renewable energy sources are widely available, they are not yet fully utilized and harvested. They cannot completely replace the fast-depleting energy sources like fossil fuels.

Fossil fuels are the main sources of energy, which include coal, natural gas, and petroleum. If we use up all the fossil fuels in the world, it will be a critical problem since this energy source does not replenish right away – not in our lifetime and even in another two or three lifetimes. That’s how crucial the problem on non-renewable energy sources the world is facing right now.

This is why a lot of companies and organizations are finding ways to develop a more sustainable process of production and consumption of energy, as well as new technologies that can harness renewable energy more efficiently so it can replace the use for non-renewable energies.

“Green” technology has been widely promoted all-over the world. From its simple meaning of using eco-friendly, renewable energy sources like the sun, water, and wind, it now encompasses a wide range of eco-friendly and sustainable practices like sustainable production and manufacturing of various items, safer waste management, and sustainable environment management systems.



Going ‘green’ has been strongly promoted in the commercial and industrial level, and the through the years, this movement has reached the individual level especially in the households, encouraging people to choose ‘green’ practices as much as possible in everything they do.

Industries like the telecommunications have very large demand for energy mainly because these kinds of industries consume really large amount of energy to operate properly and continuously. A problem in solar-water-heater-diagramenergy source can cause big problems to the company’s operations. This is why using alternative energy solutions are very important in the telecom industry so they can easily switch to an alternative source for energy.

However, alternative energy sources are also not that easy to obtain aside from the fact that they can also become really costly for companies. These companies already suffer from costly energy sources like diesel which are then compounded by depending on another costly alternative energy source like power generators also operating through non-renewable energy source like diesel. Aside from being costly, there is also another issue these kinds of energy sources face – they are not clean. Power supplies from diesel are not good for the environment and everyone on the planet because of the harmful emissions it produce.

One solution to reduce problems on energy sources and its harmful effects to the environment is using an alternative energy source that is cleaner and more efficient like the technologies developed by Diverse Energy. This company has developed a power solution that can provide cleaner energy source that can be used by telecom companies for their off-grid operations, especially for their base transceiver stations. This technology uses ammonia as the energy source for the fuel cells. These ammonia-fueled fuel cells produce green energy that is more affordable and eco-friendly. The technology also requires less maintenance compared to other types of power generators therefore help reduce costs of telecomm carcompanies. A lot of telecom companies can benefit from this kind of energy sources especially in those remote areas where off-grid power generation is highly in demand.

With more and more industries now turning to ‘green’ technologies for operation and production, and more and more households also going for renewable energy sources like solar energy, the problem on scarce non-renewable energy sources will be somehow alleviated, so today and the next generation will still have more time to find better energy sources and develop better technologies to create energy before the non-renewable energy sources completely run out.