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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. This is a call forwarding service which will connect you directly to the EDF Contact Number. Diverse-Energy.com are in no way affiliated with EDF Energy.

EDF Energy Contact Number 

EDF Energy provides gas and electricity to over 6 million homes in the UK, the well-known company are one of the biggest in Britain and are part of the “Big Six”. There are six highly recognised energy companies that provide for majority of the market and EDF are one of those. If you’re one of many customers then you may wish to contact them, the best way to get in touch with their team is to give them a call.

We’ve listed many of their phone numbers making it easy for you to locate the department that you need. Rather than enduring a long wait- Diverse Energy enables you to skip the call queues and go to the personnel that you need direct. We’re in no way affiliated with this company or any others- our team work tirelessly to make it simple to get hold of these big companies.

If you are calling to join EDF Energy, make a complaint or ask about their plans then you can find the number you need here. Their call opening hours are between 8am and 8pm during the week and 8am until 2pm on Saturday. The best time to avoid the high volume of calls is around 11am and certainly before most finish work around 5pm.

  • Main contact address: EDF, West Burton Power Station, Retford DN22 9BL
  • Official Website: https://www.edfenergy.com/
  • EDF Contact Telephone Number: 0800 056 7777

Call the EDF Contact Number on 0843 509 2517

Contact EDF Energy – 0800 056 7777

Calling EDF Energy has been made easy as we untangle the various phone numbers and help you connect with the department that you require. If you’re unsure or have general questions then it may be best to call the EDF customer services.

Their trained team are well versed in answering calls and can swiftly rectify most issues or queries that you have. The main number also acts as a switchboard and effortlessly put you through to the number that you need although you could save yourself time by finding it yourself.

How to find the number you need?

1) It’s all very simple, thanks to the efforts of our experts who have already sat and sifted through all of the official EDF phone numbers. Firstly, figure out the reason for your call.

2) Look through the various phone numbers below and find out which one most suits your query.

3) Click the number that you need or write it down ready to call.

DepartmentContact Number
General Enquiries 0800 056 7777
Accounts & Billing 0843 509 2517
EDF Pre-Payment Line 0800 015 1733
Change Tariff 0800 096 7355
Priority Services 0800 269 450

Switch to EDF – 0800 096 7355

Most calls are in regards to switching energy and that’s why this colossal provider has dedicated a number specifically for this. Their team will be able to answer your questions, give you a quote and help you figure out which tariff mostly suits you. If you decide to go ahead- then it will be made easy and their team take care of the process. You will be asked basic details and if you like you’ll be able to agree over the phone.

Cancel EDF Account

If you’re calling for the opposite reason then you may want to get hold of the cancellation team, you can cancel you current policy and also find out if there are any cancellation fees. This is dependent on the type of tariff that you are in and often you will not need to call and cancel but you should check with your new provider who walk you through the process.

EDF Complaints

If for any reason you are unhappy then it’s best to express this before moving on- after all it’s where the best deals are made. We help you with making complaints further down, but you can simply call the complaints number and log your dismay officially.

Billing & Direct Debit

When joining EDF Energy you should set up a direct debit to avoid missing any payments. If you have a payment to make or wish to call and organise the debit transaction then call 0800 096 2260. The operator will ask for your account number and sort code when setting up the direct debit and you can make sure that everything you owe is taken regularly and all refunds that you’re entitled to are also put into the same account.

Reasons to Call EDF

If you have a query then that’s a good enough reason to give them a call, by phoning you will be saving lots of time and will receive an instant reply. It’s sometimes easier to get to the bottom of an enquiry by calling and with the many positive customer reviews it’s likely you’ll get great customer care.

Although there’s no particular reason that should prevent you from calling, we outline some of the most common reasons for getting in touch.

  • For general enquiries
  • To join EDF
  • To switch energy
  • For boiler enquiries, repairs or replacements
  • For technical support
  • Enquire about tariffs and plans
  • Make a complaint
  • Set up a direct debit
  • Making a payment
  • Installing a smart meter
  • How to log into your online account

How to Make a Complaint

If you’re unhappy with their service then you can make a complaint via their official complaints phone number. Their trained team will try their utmost to solve any problems and also offer a resolution but if you are still not satisfied you should have them log an official complaint, when given a reference number be sure to note it down along with the date. If going forward you feel they haven’t dealt with your complaint seriously then you should e-mail them and escalate matters further. You can also get in contact with the energy ombudsman if you want to take the complaint even further and they will advise you on the next moves and whether you are entitled to any compensation.

EDF Fuel Mix 2018About EDF Energy

As you’ve figured, EDF are a ginormous energy company that provide energy for over six million homes. They are part of the “Big Six” energy companies and are one the most renowned suppliers in the UK. They are owned by Électricité de France. They were founded in 2002 and were one of the fastest growing energy companies ever know, they now control the nuclear generator in the UK and buy share capital from the government.

The EDF Fuel mix for 2018 can be seen on the image to the right.

EDF Tariffs 2018

Being a huge company, they’ve ensured that they cater for a huge chunk of the market, displaying tariffs that are fixed, flexible and others that ensure low carbon generation.

Here’s a list of some of the EDF Energy tariffs:

  • Short Term Fixed- Typically the cheaper option, it is easy to budget and you will be promised a fixed price plan.
  • Long Term Fixed- A longer term of fixed prices that mean you can easily budget but if you wish to have the option to switch then you may want something shorter.
  • Variable- A flexible plan that enables you to leave without cancellation fees and will not tie you into a term. But with this you will ride the fluctuating energy prices.
  • Prepayment- A meter that requires topping up and is easy to monitor. There are lots of variables for this and it’s best to phone the customer service team to find out more.
  • Low Carbon- Those conscious of their carbon footprint can enjoy this tariff with 100% low carbon generation.
  • Feed-in Tariff-  A tariff that called reap rewards from the government, if you generate low carbon energy then you could be eligible for this plan, it’s worth calling to discover more.

Contact EDF via Social Media

If you have tried the above and are having no luck you can also contact EDF by Facebook or Twitter. Please be aware response times are usually over 24 hours.

EDF Smart Meter


To save yourself a phone call- check out all of the common questions that we have found and answered ourselves.

How to Pay?

When you join EDF they will explain the best way to pay for your bill and how to read your bill. It’s recommended that you pay your bill on a monthly basis via your direct debit but if you need to make a one-off payment call up their billing department, they can also help you set up your direct debit. If you have a pre-payment meter then you will need to utilise your energy card or key and top it up at a local shop or post office.

Best Way to Contact EDF Energy?

The best way to get in touch is via the telephone but you can also e-mail or write to their headquarters. If you want your questions answered then you can get that instantly with their customer service call team.

How to Find the Best Energy Tariff?

The best way to find a tariff for you, is to look around. Do not limit yourself by only looking at one company. You can call EDF to ask specifically about their plans and they will objectively help you find one that suits you and your usage.

What is the Big Six?

You may have heard the Big Six mentioned again and again, it simply refers to the big six energy providers. The six companies dominate the industry and between them they’re responsible for over 90% of households in the UK. EDF Energy are part of this group and are known to be one of the biggest energy providers around.

About diverse-energy.com

As we mentioned above diverse-energy.com is in no way associated with EDF Energy customer service or any other company. Our mission is to educate and inform consumers about their energy options. As such we:

  • Research and publish contact numbers that allow you to reach these companies in a hassle free manner,
  • Provide expert information on a variety of alternative energy sources and suppliers.
  • Provide timely, money saving information on how to make alternative energy work in your home or office.