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Ebico Contact Number – 0843 903 3124

Call the Ebico Energy Contact Number today on 0843 509 2509Those searching for the Ebico telephone number can find it right here- as our expert team diligently unravel all of the important phone numbers for all enquiries. Despite not being part of the well-known “Big Six” they still have thousands of customers and plenty of phone calls each and every day.

Their call centre is made up of various departments to handle different enquiries, you can call their helpline to join, switch energy, complain or for other queries.

Ebico is the only UK non-profit energy provider, who focuses on households with a low income. Although they are not one of the biggest companies, their approach is rather unique as they ensure affordable energy for those affected by poverty. Since 1998, this provider has poured all energy into offering low cost energy tariffs, as well as joining multiple projects and charities.

They were formerly associated with SSE, one of the biggest energy companies in Britain. This doesn’t affect their prices or how they’re run apart from the fact that it enables them to enjoy extensive knowledge and experience in the market.

Telephone calls should be made to their company between the hours of 8:30am and 8:00pm, being open between 9:00am and 5:00 pm on a Saturday. They are closed on Sundays and hours can be affected by bank holidays.

Ebico’s chosen energy provider is SSE who are also known as Scottish Southern Energy. Under the rules and regulations of Ofgem energy must be supplied and regulated by a licensed supplier in the UK. The partnership with SSE doesn’t influence the way Ebico operate and treat their customers.

With more than 60,000 customers in the UK and a non-profit approach to business it allows them to keep energy prices low. Ebico aim to support local hands on projects within fuel poor neighbourhoods and they do this through their registered charity Ebico Trust.

More About Ebico Energy

This company specialise in eradicating the well-documented fuel poverty, something that poorer families have to endure. During the winter it can be hard for many families to afford the energy costs and this also include the elderly who have dangerously suffered in colder months.

Ebico have made it their mission to address some of these problems and aim their service at low-income households with their low prices and multiple projects. Their registered charity is known as Ebico Trust and helps a number of neighbourhoods.

Ebico Fuel Mix 2018

The fuel mix of an energy company reveals what type of energy they use and where they source it. Often, customers look for the percentage of renewable energy as it’s nice to see a company consciously look towards bettering the earth.

Ebico Fuel Mix 2018

The predominant energy comes from renewable sources meaning that they utilise solar and wind generated power.

Helpful Ebico Phone Numbers

The Ebico Customer Services team are based in Oxfordshire and consist of multiple departments. With over 60,000 customers it’s only right that they ensure their experts are ready to answer everybody’s call. Judging on different online reviews and customer feedback it seems as though the telephone personnel are very friendly and always willing to help.

The best way to contact Ebico is to dig out the specific phone number that you require and subsequently bypass all of the waiting around.

DepartmentContact NumberOpening Times
General Enquiries 0843 903 3124 or 0800 028 6699 Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:00
To Switch to Ebico 0843 903 3124 or 0800 028 6699 Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:00
Ebico electric Pre Payment Meter 0800 028 6699 Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:00
Ebico Gas Pre Payment Meter 0800 028 6699 Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:00
To Report a Powercut 0800 028 6699 24 hours, 365 days a year
National Gas Helpline 0800 111 999 24 hours, 365 days a year

Alternative Ways to get in Touch

You can also contact them via email using the following email address [email protected] or get in touch via their social sites Facebook and Twitter.

If you prefer to send a letter you can also write to them by sending any correspondence to the below address:

Ebico Ltd

PO Box 354


OX29 7WN

Ebico have a great reputation when it comes to customer service, they were rated 4/5 for customer service when surveyed by Which.com back in 2015. Rated by 8,902 customers they came fourth out of 22 companies.

Reasons people contact Ebico 

There are numerous reasons to call and it often saves time and effort. If you have queries then a quick call can save a lot of hassle. Some of the popular reasons for calling are included below, although you are not limited to these reasons.

  • To join their energy company
  • To cancel your current membership with Ebico
  • To make a complaint
  • Call out an engineer
  • Enquire about tariffs and other plans
  • For technical support regarding smart meters
  • Information on meters
  • For help reading a bill
  • For information about the project and charity involvement
  • For the fuel mix
  • Source of renewable energy

Although we have listed many of the common reasons for calls, you’re not limited to the above causes for a phone call. Any general enquiries can be taken up with the customer services and there are many other departments that specialise in helping all those that call.

Join Ebico – 0800 028 6699

If you’re one of many looking into this energy provider and ways to join then switch energy by simply calling the specific phone number. It’s also possible to merely call the main telephone number and ask for more details on their tariffs, model and what else they have to offer. The team available at their join telephone number are available to concisely answer your questions and make the entire process a smooth one.

Ebico Pre-Payment- 0345 073 7969

A popular choice for those looking to keep a close eye on energy usage can select the pre-payment meter. Although many like the thought of the modern technology readily available with the likes of the smart meter- another great way to monitor the amount of energy used is to pre-pay.

A pre-payment meter is one that requires a stick, card or key that’s topped up at a local store. You then insert this key to access the amount you topped up, when it runs out, you are left with emergency credit that will keep you going. Meanwhile, you can top up your energy again, you can’t spend much more than what you pre-pay for, ensuring that you always know how much you’re spending.

You can call their specific phone number on this subject and they will help you signup to this tariff or at least understand it in more depth. They will also ask you some questions to see if this plan suits your lifestyle and typical energy use.

Change Tariff – 0800 028 6699

This number will put your through to well-versed staff ready to enlighten you on the latest tariffs and deals. If you wish to downgrade, upgrade or simply change your tariff then you can ask everything that you need to know by calling today.

Equigas and Equipower Energy Tariffs

Ebico’s EquiGas and EquiPower tariffs are designed for low energy use households, you only pay for what you use. Ideal for if your property is vacant for most of the time, if you have a small home or if your property is well insulated, these tariffs have zero standing charges like the majority of the big six energy suppliers in the UK. The prices are the same for all payment methods and there are no exits fees. A pretty fair way of doing business if you ask us.

Complaints Number

Complaints are not unheard of and are part of each and every business- that’s why it’s imperative that this energy business has a way to answer any issues. Their complaints team are available to answer questions, rectify problems and log official complaints. We have listed more information on how you can make a complaint further down.

[email protected]

Technical Support

Technical support for energy is often needed- whether that’s help reading your bill, working your meter, enquiring about smart meters or anything else. Any problems can be answered over the phone, if there’s a gas emergency then call the gas emergency helpline on- 0800 111 999.

Report an Emergency

If you have a fault or repair required then you can call the repair department at Ebico. Speak to their personnel and have an engineer come out but if you’re looking to report an emergency then you may need to call the National Grid. The emergency telephone number is 0800 111999 and should be called when there’s a gas leak or any concerns.


To save yourself a phone call it could be worth sifting through some of the frequently asked questions and the answers to them below.

What Contact Number Should I Call?

That’s dependent on the purpose of the call- if you have a pressing matter then you should contact them via telephone. If you need to make a complaint then call their specific complaints number, if you wish to join then call the number to switch energy. If you’re unsure after reading through the different departments then simply call the main customer service number.

Is SSE Part of Ebico?

No, SSE were a former partner but after their aims no longer aligned, Ebico moved on and are now partnered with Robin Hood Energy, a not for profit company.

Are you associated with This Company?

Diverse Energy simply dig out all the useful information that you require and help you find all the important telephone numbers. Our job is to simply find the best phone number for you to contact, we are in no way associated with this energy company or any others for that matter.

What is Ebico Trust?

Ebico Trust, is the registered charity of the company. Any money made by Ebico is given towards the trust who then endeavour to enable those victim of the fuel poverty. Low-income households receive help affording gas and electricity tariffs.

Where Can I Get More Information on Smart Meters?

You can find out information about SMART prepay and SMART credit meters by clicking here. You can find out what they are there or simply call the main number and ask for help and advice in regards to smart meters.

Smart meters communicate with your company and in-home energy making it easy to monitor your usage and remotely alter that. The choice of prepay meters and credit depends on what works best for you.

How to Make a Complaint?

Making one is simple- call their complaints phone number and log an official complaint. You should write down all the details of the call in case you need to follow it up or reference the conversation.

If you want to escalate a complaint then it’s best to put it in writing so that you have record of it, you can do this by sending them an e-mail or writing a letter.