0843 509 2523

Calls to this number will cost you 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. This is a call connection service, we are not affiliated with Cooperative Energy. If you need to speak with the customer service team you can call the Cooperative Energy Contact Number above.

Cooperative Energy Contact Number – 0843 509 2523

If you’re seeking support from the Co-operative Energy customer service desk then you should call the main telephone number that we’ve listed above. Our team at Diverse Energy have worked hard on unearthing the most valuable numbers for this company in an attempt to make your life easier. Regardless whether you’re already a customer or not- you can speak to their advisors for help and support.

The Co-op is a huge company that utilise their customer-focussed expertise and transfer them to various industries. Mostly known for their supermarket they’ve also been known to venture into insurance, banking, funeral directing and now energy. Much of their focus has been on renewable energies and green sources in order to provide for conscious consumers.

It’s now possible to get in touch with them regarding their renewable source, detail on the company or to join. We’ve managed to list find their phone number and help you get through to the personnel that you require. Although we are not a part of the Co-op we’ve extracted their details and contact information from the public domain in order to help you get through to them as fast as possible without having to endure the long waiting times.

It’s possible to call the Co-op Energy phone number throughout the week between 8am and 8pm or 8am until 4pm on a Saturday. Their lines are closed on a Sunday and other hours can be affected during bank holiday.

Call the Co op Energy Contact Number on 0843 509 2523

About Co-operative Energy

The Co-Operative Energy is a UK energy supplier based in Warwick whose focus on renewable energy sources brought them much praise and attention when they first came on the scene in 2010. At that time they boasted that nearly 70% of their electricity was generated by renewable sources and this made them an instant hit with environmentally conscious consumers. Their aim over the next 3 years is to increase the amount of electricity obtained from renewable sources to 75%.

Today they provide energy to some 250,000 UK customers which continues to grow year on year. Co-op energy pride themselves on being fair and transparent which we have to agree with! Unlike other big energy players in the energy market,  coop energy are entirely run by members which means they don’t have any shareholders so customers get their say in how they want the company run.

They claim that their competitors may offer the cheapest energy tariffs on the market however these are often misleading and prices often increase once a customer has switched. The Cooperative energy promise to treat customers fairly and offer clear, transparent contracts with long term sustainability.

Co-operative Energy Phone Numbers

Our team work hard on finding the exact telephone numbers that you need and provide them right here, finding the contact details that you need is no longer a difficult task thanks to our expert’s hard work. You can call their front desk with general enquiries and they’ll be able to answer you on the spot, they can also put you through to the person that you need.

Due to the high volume of calls, they have separated each phone line and departmentalised their organisation in order to make the whole experience a smooth one. Scroll through the numbers provided here and pick one that most suits your query, this way they’ll be able to deal with your questions quicker.

If you are unsure on what number to call, simply enter the main number we’ve picked out and placed at the top of the page. They have a helpful team that will work hard to plug you into the right board.

DepartmentContact Number
Customer Service 0800 954 0693
Accounts & Billing 0800 954 0693
Moving Home 0800 781 1605
Submit Meter Reading 0800 093 7547

Reasons to Call

There’s no right or wrong reason to get in touch with their phone line, but there are a number of customers calling for the same reason and that’s why they have separated their departments accordingly.

You may want to call the Co-op if:

  • You’re looking to join Co-operative Energy
  • You wish to cancel your plan
  • You wish to change your tariff
  • You want to enquire about their tariffs and plans
  • You have a problem with your boiler
  • You require assistance or technical support
  • You cannot log in to your online account
  • You are unhappy with the service that you’ve received

Calling to Join

If you’re looking to call in regards to switching energy then you can do so by calling the main line. They have an entire team dedicated to your switchover and they make the process as seamless as possible. It’s possible to get information on joining via their website or by giving them a call and expressing your interest.  

If you wish to join them today then you should ring their telephone advisors and start the process, you don’t have to commit right away. You can simply call and request details as well as getting a quote.

What you will need to get a quote:

  • Personal details such as address and post code
  • General energy usage
  • Previous bills
  • Meter readings

If you decide to go ahead, they will begin the protocol and organise the changeover with your previous provider. It usually takes between two and three weeks to be completed. There’s a 14-day cooling period that allows you to back out and remain with your current/previous supplier.

Saving Energy Guide

If you visit their official website you’ll be presented with lots of advice on saving energy. It’s always good to see a provider offering a guide on saving you money and you can utilise their tips and tricks available online. The section is labelled “Reduce Your Bills” and they talk through their warm home discount scheme, a scheme that helps low income households claim money back. You’ll also receive information on how to apply for the eco scheme as well as advice on saving power in more orthodox ways.

How to Complain – 0800 954 0693

When making a complaint you should get a pen and paper ready and note down key things from the call. You’ll want to write down the name of the operator, their resolution and the reference number of the complaint. When you call, they will ask you what your issue is and how they can come up with a solution, so have something in mind beforehand.

You can search this page for a specific complaints number or call the main customer service number. If you’re unhappy with the suggest solution, then you can take the complaint further or escalate it by putting it into writing. It’s also possible to speak to the energy ombudsman for help with issues.

Co-op Energy Fuel Mix 2018

With their focus being on renewable and efficient energy, it attracts the question about their fuel mix. What this reveals, is where they source their energy from, fortunately they are true to their word and get the majority of their energy from renewable sources.

Below we list their entire fuel source:

  • Renewable- 33.95%
  • Gas- 30.13%
  • Coal- 17.41%
  • Nuclear- 11.89%
  • Other- 6.63%

Gas Emergency Phone Number – 080 111 999

If you’re experiencing problems with your gas or electricity then you can call up their experts for help or even call out their specialist engineers. If you feel that it’s an emergency regarding your gas then you should call the 24-7 number at National Grid. Things such as gas leaks, carbon monoxide and anything else you determine to be an emergency should be taken up with 0800 111999.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you avoid an unnecessary phone call we have pieced together some of the common questions and answered them ourselves.

Why Join Co-operative Energy?

The Co-op are experts in a number of fields but many are unsure on how good their energy company is and what they provide, they showcase deals for a number of customers with eco friendly and even tariffs that allow a warm home discount scheme. They focus on renewable energy and have some very low prices. The best way to deem whether they’re a good fit for you and your home, is to ring up their line and ask any questions that you have, rather than trying to sway you they will simply answer all of your queries.

Do Coop do Renewable Energy?

Yes- with them providing the most ethical energy that they can they focus on bringing power to the conscious customers. They have over 30% of their energy from renewable sources.

Best Way to Make a Complaint?

The best way to start an official complaint is to get through to their complaints team by telephone. You can list any issues that you may have and they will attempt a fix. You can also make your complaint by post or e-mail. Letters can be sent to: Energy House, Athena Drive, Tachbrook  Park, Leamington Spa, CV34 6RQ.

What Phone Number Should I Call?

We always list the most important numbers and try to break down the different departments so that you can get straight through to the person that you need assistance from. If there’s only one number then get in contact with that main number and they will put you through to the department you require. If you find more, then get in touch with the one most relevant so that you can skip having to be put through.

Who are Diverse Energy?

We’re an independent call-forwarding website that sort through all of the most important energy phone numbers so you don’t have to. We are not part of the Co-op or any of the other energy companies that we list. The site is just to guide your query and help you skip all of the nonsense beforehand.

Best Way to Save Energy?

Utilise their whole section on reducing your bills, as they elaborate on ways you could save money. They have different sections on how you can cut down your costs and even apply for schemes or tariffs that could save you money.

What is a Cooling Off Period?

If you agree to switch energy then you’ll have 14 days in between the switchover where you can cancel the move. This is obligatory and occurs before every switch, if you have changed your mind simply call the company and inform them.

Alternative Ways to Get in Touch

The great thing with Co op energy is that they provide many alternative ways to get in touch via their website which is filled with help sections and step by step guides, they really do take pride in customer service. If your query isn’t urgent and you would prefer to write rather than call you can submit a question via one of their contact forms or even get in touch through one of their social media pages: Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

If you prefer to write a letter you can also send it to the below postal address, please be aware response times will be significantly longer than if you were to call the coop energy customer service team.

Co-operative Energy
Warwick Technology Park
CV34 6DA

Cooperative Energy Reviews

Reading customer reviews across three of the main review sites (Money Supermarket, Which.com and TrustPilot) co-operative energy scored poor to average on customer service reviews overall. On Which.com the energy provider came 20 out of 22 energy providers in the UK scoring 45% overall on customer service. They scored an average of 5/10 on Money Supermarket  and 1.3 out of 10 on TrustPilot.