0843 509 2518

This is an unofficial number we are not associated with British Gas. Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your operators access charge. This is a call connection service, you can also contact British Gas for free on 0333 202 9802, or find help by visiting their website here.

Known for being the biggest energy provider in Britain, British Gas provides energy for over 11 million homes. The energy conglomerate is the most famous provider and is part of the notorious “Big Six”. Regardless on whether you’re an existing customer or not- you can contact them over the telephone with ease.

Our Diverse Energy team has worked tirelessly in order to deliver you with all the British Gas contact numbers that you need. Although we’re not associated with them, we have managed to unravel many department phone numbers from the public domain and help you select the one most relevant to your query.

Their friendly staff are very helpful and with around 30,000 employees you can be sure that there’s an expert at hand to assist you. Based in England, you can call them during normal working times- the lines are open from 8am until 6pm in the week and 8am until 6pm on Saturday.

With the sheer size of this energy company it can be difficult to reach the exact person that you need during busy hours and that’s why it’s been made much easier with phone numbers for each query, by contacting the department direct you can skip the queues and call to the customer service. If you need to call to join, query your tariff or make a complaint then find the phone number below.

British Gas Contact Number – 0333 202 9802

Many customers get hold of the main contact number for British Gas and wait for the customer services to place you through to the required expert. You can bypass this process with all the numbers available here, with that said, if you are uncertain on which number to call, telephone their customer services and they will help you with all general enquiries. There’s lots of help and support available over the phone as well as online- plus we have listed FAQs that could ultimately save you time.

DepartmentContact Number
General Enquiries 0333 202 9802
Account Enquiries 0333 202 9802
Switch to British Gas 0333 202 9505
Home top up number 0800 107 0188 
Calling from Abroad +44 113 298 0900
Textphone 18001 0800 072 8626

Who Are British Gas

Call the British Gas contact number on 0843 509 2518The British Gas Corporation was formed in 1972 by order of the Gas Act of that year. That law called for the merger of all area gas boards and from this merger the British Gas Corporation was born. In 1986 the British Gas Corporation was privatized and in 1997 broken up into several constituent parts which gave us the British Gas we know today.

British Gas is by far the largest energy supplier in the UK serving nearly half of British homes and a half million businesses. The company has nearly 30,000 employees in the UK alone.

Earlier this year British Gas announced they were closing their Oldbury call centre meaning there are now nearly 700 fewer people answering the phones for British Gas than there were last year. That can mean department and staff changes within the company, the existing British Gas customer service contact number you once had may also have changed so make sure you browse this page to find the right telephone number.

Reasons to Contact British Gas

Having the number one leading market position and having over 20 million customers in the UK there are a multitude of reasons as to why you may need to contact the British Gas Helpline:

  • Finding the best Gas & energy Tariff
  • Cover for your home
  • One off repairs (boiler, kitchen appliances, plumbing, home electrical)
  • Boiler and heating replacement
  • Annual boiler servicing
  • Home insurance
  • Information for landlords
  • Smart meters
  • Energy saving
  • Business gas & energy solutions
  • Complaints
  • Account and billing queries

To discuss any of the above and speak directly with a British Gas Customer Service Agent consult the above table.

British Gas Smart Meters – 0333 202 9802

How to Switch to British Gas – 0333 202 9505

If you’re looking to join British Gas then you can call the main customer service telephone number or call the specific number to join. Switching energy is easy and they have a department dedicated to it, call the number and once you’ve given them your usage details, address and other details they can give you a quote and if you wish, you’ll be able to join on the spot.

It’s best to ensure you have the following on you when looking to switch energy:

  • Previous energy bills
  • Address details
  • Your usual usage
  • The type of tariff you prefer (flexi, fixed)

Their advisors won’t try to sell plans to you but they can talk you through what each one possesses and help you align the plan to your needs. You can find one that specifically suits you and your household with help from those in the know.

British Gas Complaints – 0333 202 9774

Although they strive to please all- with over 11 million customers, it’s expected that there will be some complaints. They have put all the measures in to make it a smooth process that can hopefully rectify any issues. Call the complaints number and if they can’t provide a resolution you can log a complaint.

Making a complaint to British Gas is easy- just find the number here and tell them what the problem is, they will work on making things right but you are free to log down an official complaint. This can be done in numerous ways, over the telephone, e-mail ([email protected]) or via post. Initially you should give them a call and if it’s still not resolved, escalate the complaint via writing. Keep a record of all complaints and be sure to contact an ombudsman if you are still unsatisfied.

British Gas Cancellations –  0330 100 0537

Policies can be changed or cancelled over the telephone, phone their cancellation desk and tell them why you wish to move energy provider. They can deal with it immediately although it’s not always necessary, if you’re moving from British Gas then ask your new provider about the process. More often than not your new supplier will deal with the cancellation so that you don’t have to.

Typically when switching energy, the new provider takes care of all cancellations so that you do not have to. For instance, if you’re new to British Gas they will let your old supplier know and organise the switch. If you want to make sure or your new supplier have made it clear that it’s down to you to cancel, call them on their cancellation number and they will help you with the protocol.

Are There Other Ways to Get in Touch With British Gas?

Of course. British Gas have a number of contact forms on their website and if you choose to submit a question or complaint this way you can however be aware it can take over 24 hours for a response.

British Gas Email Address: [email protected]

British Gas Social Media: Twitter or Facebook

British Gas Address:

British Gas

PO Box 227


S98 1PD

You’ll likely hear back from someone within 1 week if you choose to contact by post.

General Enquires

As previously discussed, all general enquiries can be taken up with their customer service desk. You can call the main British Gas number and they will put you through to whoever you need.

Direct Debit Setup

Call the billing phone number if you need to make a one-off payment or set up a direct debit. It’s easily done and they will help you understand the steps to make your outstanding payment.

Best Way to Contact British Gas?

You may be wondering what’s the best way to contact this company and with time being of the essence we don’t want to be wasting time on hold. Find the specific number from this page and save yourself time and hassle. It’s best to phone their customer service team rather than having to await an e-mail reply. Give them a call but avoid busy times around 5pm and 6pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Save yourself a phone call by finding the answers you have been searching for right here.

How Do Gas Cards Work?

On the Pay as You Go tariffs, you’re required to use a card or key to top up your balance. You cannot use energy without a gas card unless you utilise the small amount of emergency credit you are entitled to. These types of plans are good for monitoring usage and ensuring that you do not overspend, you can top up the card at a local shop or post office.

How Do I Make a Payment?

When joining you will be informed on the best payment methods for your plan, if it is Pay as You Go, then the above FAQ explains how you’ll make payments. Other plans though, require a direct debit, you can set this up by calling the billing department today. It’s also possible to make a one-off payment from your card via the telephone.

What’s the Best British Gas Tariff?

A question that is difficult to answer because there’s no general answer- it is dependent on your usual usage, preferred method of payment and how you’d rather monitor your energy usage. There’s a variety of fixed price, long term, short term and variable tariffs all available, with the company being so big they offer something for every type of household. Those unsure on what plan to go for, can phone up their team for advice.

How Can I Cancel?

Typically when switching energy, you do not have to call the provider you’re leaving, your new supplier will do so. But you should check this with your new energy company and if left unsure simply call the cancellation number and let them know you are leaving.

Which Number Shall I Call?

Scroll through the different phone numbers and pick the board most likely to deal with your query- there are numbers for cancellations, complaints, switching energy and more.

Can I Use this Number to Switch?

Yes, you can utilise the main telephone number at the top or find one more specific to switch to British Gas. They have a whole team with an easy process to help you make the switch and it can be done over the phone. If you call the number to join you won’t have to wait around and endure the constant switch of operators.

What are the Opening Hours?

As stated towards the top of the page, they have long opening hours and there’s plenty of opportunity to contact the British Gas number. They are open between 8am and 8pm from Monday to Friday, and 8am until 6pm on Saturday. If you are calling in the week it’s best to try to call around 8am or between 11am and 1pm to avoid busy call times.

Is Diverse Energy Part of British Gas?

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