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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. This is a call forwarding service provided by Diverse-Energy.com, we provide a EON contact number which will connect you directly to E.ON. We are in no way associated with EON.

Contact EON UK

E.ON UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of E.ON SE, a German conglomerate that is the world’s largest investor-owned gas and power company. The company has changed corporate shape and focus many times since its origins in 1989 as a government-owned concern that went by the name ‘Powergen’. In 1991 the government sold 60% of the company to private investors and 4 years later followed suit with the remaining 40%. Several acquisitions in the late 90s and early 2000s saw the company expand significantly although a spate of reorganizations and rebranding campaigns left many a customer confused about the company’s ownership and identity. Where a company of this size is concerned, knowing which telephone number to call to get in touch with the right department can be difficult – for all enquiries you can call the EON contact number listed above.

Call the EON Contact Number on 0843 509 2519After being acquired by EON SE in 2002 more acquisitions and mergers followed until finally in 2007 the Powergen name was formerly dropped in favour of EON UK. Today the company provides gas and electricity to some 5.5 million households right across the UK. But because they’ve gone through so many permutations and shifts in focus, getting through to a customer service representative has never been particularly easy, and the reputation of the EON helpline has suffered as a result.

Profits Rise as Customer Care Sinks

The company is routinely one of the most profitable energy concerns among the UK Big Six. Yet in spite of that, they closed a major customer service center in Rayleigh several years ago eliminating 600 jobs and causing what can only be described as a kind of permanent gridlock on the standard EON contact number. As a result, you’ll need either extraordinary luck or extraordinary persistence to ever get through to a human at EON; unless you call them using our low-cost telephone number. Calling the helpline listed on this page will get you straight through to EON customer services so you can get answers to your questions or action on your complaints without having to spend all day searching for the best phone number to dial.

What can I get help with?

Some common enquiries when calling the telephone number include:

  • Transferring or cancelling your account when moving house
  • Emergencies, including outages and gas leaks
  • Signing up as a new customer
  • Getting the best deal and switching from another provider

As a company that has seen more changes of identity, size and structure than most the EON complaints number deals with its fair share of disgruntled and confused customers. To make matters worse, since they gutted their customer care department some time back they’re not winning a lot of accolades for their prompt and effective call center services either. Still, people need to call and try to speak with someone who can help and most of those calls are prompted by the following issues and complaints:

  • A tendency to deal with billing disputes by sending debt collectors
  • Poor management of said billing system resulting in numerous alleged errors
  • Failure to show up at appointed time to conduct meter readings
  • Problems logging into online account management system
  • Overly aggressive sales staff who won’t take ‘no’ for an answer

If you believe you’ve been overcharged by any company the last thing you want is to have to spend several afternoons holding the line in an attempt to straighten things out. You want someone to pick up the phone, listen to your complaint and do something about it. That’s why you need to use 0843 509 2519 to contact EON. This number has been tested to ensure it will connect you promptly to an EON customer service representative who can help.

When can I call the EON Contact Number?

You can contact EON Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm and Saturday from 8am to 6pm. Calling when the lines first open will help to ease any holding time you may experience during peak hours. Get through to someone who can help by calling on 0843 509 2519.

Getting help with a complaint

No one wants to think the company just doesn’t care but sometimes that can be the impression. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter why they are the way they are, what matters is whether you can get through to the EON complaints number when you need to by calling the complaints helpline during the opening hours above.

Other ways to get in touch

The quickest and easiest way to get through to the customer service team is to call 0843 509 2519, however there are other ways you can also get in touch. You can send EON customer services an email or fill in the contact form located on the help and support section of their website. When you contact Eon by email or fill out their form please be aware response times can be over 24 hours so the quickest way is by phone. Other ways to get in touch are via FacebookTwitter or through the online chat facility. Customer service advisers are available online weekdays from 8am -8pm and 8am – 6pm on a Saturday. Unfortunately there is no option to write a letter and send by post, you can only contact by phone or online.Call the E.on Contact Telephone Number on 0843 509 2519

E.on full address: E.ON, Westwood Way, Westwood Business Park, Coventry, CV4 8LG

If you have tried the above and are still struggling to get through via phone or online you could try the following official numbers, Eon prepayment contact number 0345 303 3040 or Eon Smart Pay As You Go Contact Number 0345 366 5996.

If you can smell gas or need to report an explosion / fire you can call the National Gas Emergency Helpline on 0800 111 999.

Call the E.ON contact number to get the best deal on your energy tariff

We care about the experience of our fellow consumers when they call the EON support number. The company is large enough to have a tariff to suit everyone and with some negotiation you may be able to get a better deal by talking to a human. Calling the helpline will connect you to an adviser who can help if you’ve been quoted a better deal elsewhere.

How much does it cost to call the EON Customer Service Number?

Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your networks access charge. There are no hidden fees or charges involved when you call using 0843 509 2519. This is a low-cost call connection service. There may be other customer support numbers available on the official website or within the public domain.

Will This Number Work to Report a Power Outage?

Yes. Of course. If you’ve lost power for reasons known or unknown you’ll want to call 0843 509 2519 and report it to the company. If the person who answers your call can’t help you directly they’ll put you right through to EON technical support so you can make sure someone will be responding to the situation and you don’t have to sit in the dark for one minute more than necessary.

Can I Use This Number to Dispute My Bill?

Absolutely. That’s one of the main reasons people use 0843 509 2519. We get you through in no time to someone who can actually make a difference. So regardless of the nature of your question or EON complaint call the above number rest easy knowing you’ve at least been heard.

Is diverse-energy.com Owned or Operated by EON?

We’re a completely independent company with no links to EON technical support and that’s just fine with us. In fact we’re not connected in any way with any of the companies we provide contact numbers for. What we are is a company dedicated to providing:

  • Reliable, fast and affordable contact numbers for many of the UK’s top energy companies
  • Expert information on alternative energy and alternative energy providers in the UK
  • A wealth of information on how to make alternative energy work for your home or business

Our goal is to assist and inform our customers so that they can learn more about their energy options and get in touch with energy providers in a timely and effective manner.