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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. This is a call forwarding service provided by Diverse-Energy.com, we provide an Ebico contact number which will connect you directly to Ebico. We are in no way associated with Ebico and all information provided on this website can be found freely in the public domain.

About Ebico

Call the Ebico Contact Number today on 0843 509 2509Ebico is the UK’s only not-for-profit energy supplier. Based in Oxfordshire, the company started in 1998 with the intention of providing affordable energy products to low-income households. The company pride themselves on helping those affected by fuel poverty so as a result they are able to charge the same rate to all their customers, regardless of payment method.

With more than 60,000 customers in the UK and a non-profit approach to business it allows them to keep energy prices low. Ebico aim to support local hands on projects within fuel poor neighbourhoods and they do this through their registered charity Ebico Trust.

Ebico’s chosen energy provider is SSE who are also known as Scottish Southern Energy. Under the rules and Call the Ebico Energy Phone Number today on 0843 509 2509regulations of Ofgem energy must be supplied and regulated by a licensed supplier in the UK. The partnership with SSE doesn’t influence the way Ebico operate and treat their customers.

Ebico’s fuel mix is currently made up of, 37% renewable, 31% coal, 27% natural gas, 3% nuclear, 2% other.

If you would like to speak to a customer service adviser at Ebico you can call the Ebico contact number on 0843 903 3124.

How to get in touch with Ebico

Because of their reputation for helping the disadvantaged Ebico receive a constant stream of callers either looking to switch or wanting more info about the company and its products. The quickest way of getting in contact with Ebico is to call 0843 903 3124, Monday to Friday 08:30 to 20:00 and Saturday 09:00 to 17:00.

You can also contact them via email using the following email address [email protected] or get in touch via their social sites Facebook and Twitter.

If you prefer to send a letter you can also write to them by sending any correspondence to the below address:

Ebico Ltd

PO Box 354


OX29 7WN

Ebico have a great reputation when it comes to customer service, they were rated 4/5 for customer service when surveyed by Which.com back in 2015. Rated by 8,902 customers they came fourth out of 22 companies.

Helpful Ebico Contact Numbers

Reasons people use the Ebico Contact Number

People call the Ebico support number for a number of different reasons including:

  • To find out if they can take advantage of the company’s single price tariffs
  • To switch from their current energy company
  • To query their account and payments
  • To find out more about the company’s fuel mix

Equigas and Equipower Energy Tariffs

Ebico’s EquiGas and EquiPower tariffs are designed for low energy use households, you only pay for what you use. Ideal for if your property is vacant for most of the time, if you have a small home or if your property is well insulated, these tariffs have zero standing charges like the majority of the big six energy suppliers in the UK. The prices are the same for all payment methods and there are no exits fees. A pretty fair way of doing business if you ask us.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What Hours are Best to Contact Ebico?

Ebico, perhaps not surprisingly, have some of the most restricted customer service centre hours of any UK energy company being open Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 8pm. During peak hours 9-11am and 4-5pm you can expect to hold for a little longer than if you were to call outside of these times,  0843 903 3124. Our low cost number will connect you to Ebico customer service bypassing the queue and there’s no strings attached or hidden fees to pay.

What’s the Best Way to Get in Touch With Ebico?

The best thing to do if you want to get connected quickly and directly to Ebico customer services is to call using 0843 903 3124. You can also get in touch via email, social media or in writing, all of these details can be found above.

Will This Number Work For Lodging a Complaint?

Absolutely. 0843 903 3124 is the number to call with Ebico complaints. Our easy access number is perfect if you have an issue that needs to be resolved or if you just want to air a grievance. Calling the Ebico complaints number 0843 903 3124 will get your through to the right department.

Can Diverse Energy Help me in my Dispute with Ebico?

At diverse-energy.com we provide contact numbers, expert information about alternative energy, information about how to power your home or business with alternative energy sources and a variety of other information. We provide you with an Ebico contact number which will connect your through to Ebico. We are in no way associated with Ebico, we simply provide a call forwarding service.

What if I Have a Technical Issue?

0843 903 3124 will get you through to Ebico technical support as well and you won’t have to wait forever. If the customer service adviser who answers the call is not able to provide you with the information you’re after they’ll put you right through to someone who can.

Life is too short to spend it holding the line waiting for Ebico or any other company to pick up. Diverse-energy.com has all the contact numbers you need to get through fast and cheap to any of the alternative energy players in the UK market.