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 Avid Energy Contact Number

While they may be one of the smallest emerging energy suppliers in the UK, Avid Energy is currently offering new customers the chance to get involved with a supplier that grants power to you when it comes to bill payments and monitoring your usage and more besides.

Call the Avid Energy Contact Numbe r on 0843 903 3121Leading with a fast-loading and flexible website that’s easy to use and find your way around, the supplier also makes it easy to find out more from calling the Avid Energy contact number on 0843 903 3121.  This is the main point of contact for customers who are joining and for those who are already registered with their services.

There are various departments you can call through to: sales, technical support, collections and more – and we have actively rounded up all the best contact options for Avid Energy that are available online.  There may not be much known about the supplier at this time but with a clean, smooth-running website and an actively open approach to self-management of supply, there’s plenty here to get interested in.

The company supplies energy for both electric and gas services, meaning that if you need electricity alone or a dual supply, they will be more than happy to set you up without any fuss or hassle.

Why Avid Energy?

The main draw of Avid Energy, according to their main website, is that they run an entirely pre-paid service.  This means that you simply have to top up your account to avoid running out of gas or energy supply.  While many homes in the UK still run on prepayment meters, these are largely fitted in circumstances where debt is left to clear – but one call to the Avid Energy phone number 0843 903 3121 and you may be able to get your hands on smart prepayment that equals less hassle for you in the long run.

Prepayment in the past has been a little bit of a hassle long-term with many energy suppliers offering physical energyScreenshot of Avid Energy App keys that you can get topped up at select locations and losing such a key can result in a bit of a nightmare.

Avid Energy customer services seek to remove this hassle altogether thanks to smart meters, which similarly to those supplied by bigger energy firms not only tell you what you are using, but how much you have left in terms of cash on your account.  Once your cash runs down, your energy will run out meaning that you need to top up again.

Avid Energy offer topping-up via smartphone and tablet, as well as free installation for anyone looking to make the switch which takes away that pain of having to go to a shop to top up your key.

No More Meter Readings

It can sometimes be a hassle to arrange for someone to read your meter,  luckily Avid Energy support is on hand to ensure that you never have to make such arrangements again and that there’s no more second-guessing when it comes to future bill payments.

The supplier’s smart meters and app allows you to take complete control, meaning that you can easily deposit a lump sum to keep your supply running  and that you’ll be well-informed should it run out.  This means no more bills, no more reminders and no more debt when you don’t have the cash available, your home goes un-powered.  For many households, this may indeed be a viable option and you can always call the Avid Energy helpline 0843 903 3121 to learn more.

What is an Avid Smart Meter?

Avid Energy smart meters allow you to see exactly what you’re using and how much it is costing you both short and long term.  This means that you have complete eyes on the ball and while it can be tricky to monitor usage and billing with other energy suppliers, Avid Energy appears to be actively removing much of the hassle and trepidation involved in waiting to pay for utility bills.

They are a relatively small outfit at present, but it’s clear that they hope to corner the prepayment market at the very least and at the same time cutting down on the amount of debt regularly accrued by UK households.  You’ll get a free smart meter and £5 free just for signing up, too.

Making the Switch to Avid Energy

Avid Energy customer services are available for you to ensure that you always know where you stand when it comes to energy payments and managing your account.

You can call the Avid Energy helpline on 0843 903 3121 to start the registration process where, after a few questions about your supply and your household, you’ll arrange for installation and a representative will attend your home to set up and make sure you know exactly how the smart meter works.

You’ll also be shown the Avid Energy app, which is free to download for phones and tablets – and allows you to top up from the comfort of your own home.  We’ve rounded up the best contacts for Avid Energy based on our insider knowledge but in any case, the main Avid Energy phone number 0843 903 3121 is a good place to start as it is the main switchboard for all of the supplier’s departments.

Avid Energy Tariffs

At Avid Energy, there’s no confusion over tariffs, contracts or otherwise you simply sign up for prepayment and you’ll be able to retain control over your energy usage and expenditure without having to worry about being tied in or finding yourself chasing your tail on bills.  It’s a very attractive premise and while prepayment may not be for everyone, it stands to reason that more control is set to be a very interesting concept to those who struggle to pay regularly.

You can call the Avid Energy number at any time for advice, however the main avid phone app will be able to help you address and immediate concerns, and you can top up and monitor your usage easily too.

Contacting Avid Energy

Contacting the team is easy – call the Avid Energy phone number on 0843 903 3121 from between 8am and 9pm on weekdays, and between 9am and 7pm on weekends.

Other forms of contact include writing to the supplier direct through the post which, should you have any escalated concerns or complaints, it is arguable you should do.

Please read on for more details on how to get in touch with the supplier through written mail and do call the Avid Energy contact number for any pressing or immediate concerns.

Avid Energy Payments

Paying with the app is easy! it may not be for everyone, but it is an option which will likely appeal to the majority of smartphone obsessed Britain!  You can also top up via shop, so there’s flexibility for those who are unlikely to be glued to their phones.

The tariff and rates here are reportedly competitive but you won’t need to worry about how much you’re paying until your energy starts to run low.  If that occurs, either top up with a UK card via the app, call the team via the Avid Energy contact number, or visit a shop with Pay Point facilities to make a physical payment over the counter.

No matter how you wish to top up, there will be a method for you to do so with ease.

Avid Energy Customer Care

The Avid Energy customer care line is open 7 days a week, meaning that while you are largely given much of the control over your own energy and payments, you can always call a member of the team to give you a little advice along the way.

Having the option available is always good and as the supplier takes away much of the hassle that can come with arranging for and negotiating with energy supply, it stands to reason that you can get in touch with the team very quickly and very easily.

There’s none of the waiting around or the awkward customer care queues here the Avid Energy phone number is quick to get through on, and we’ve made it even easier by breaking down further contact details for the supplier listed further on.

Download the App

Downloading the Avid app is easy and a representative will show you how  or you can speak with a member of the Avid Energy helpline team to get started.  It’s a free service which is available for most mobiles and tablets, meaning that you can connect your energy account which is monitored via smart meter and this links direct to your device. You can make payments and analyse your usage as you go.

Having the power to do this will likely be attractive to many UK homeowners meaning we do expect growth for Avid Energy in the years to come.  This may particularly be the case as more and more first time buyers are getting savvier when it comes to shopping around for cost effective gas and electric both of which Avid Energy can supply.

Android users can download the app here

Apple users can download the app here.

Contacting Avid Energy

Call the Avid Energy helpline on 0843 903 3121, or see below for alternative numbers.

You can also write to the team in further detail via the following address below:

Avid Energy Limited

Maple House

High Street

Potters Bar



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