Infrastructure energy for global telecommunications

Diverse Energy has created the PowerCube® for Mobile Network Operators and OEMs seeking to reduce cost and CO2 emissions associated with power generation for off-grid telecoms towers.

The PowerCube® is a self contained, “turnkey” 24/7 baseload power supply solution incorporating our unique patent protected fuel cell and ammonia energy technology.  Compared to diesel gensets, the PowerCube® offers an 80% CO2 emission reduction and a 25% reduction in Total Cost of Ownership with a 2 year ROI.

Diverse Energy is a member of the Carbon Trust incubation program and received the prestigious "Next Big Thing" iaward in 2009 for British achievement in science, technology and innovation.  We invite you to explore our website and learn more about our team, our capabilities, and our breakthrough off-grid green power solutions.

Diverse Energy: changing the way telecoms infrastructure energy is generated and consumed.

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The PowerCube®
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